More Adventures With Steve.

Hello everyone on this very beautiful sunny and warm day.  I am a bit late in posting anything today.  Happens sometimes.  It’s summer.  And when it’s a nice day I like to be outside.  Best place to get pictures and I am trying to get a lot of pictures this summer.  And maybe even more than that.  Probably doesn’t make sense.  But that’s normal for me anyway.  People tell me that all the time.  People tell me a lot of things.  Before I get on with my latest adventure, I would like to say this is something that happened a few years ago.  It is not recent.  And it did start out normal.  Just didn’t end up that way.

White astilbe.

It is somewhat like my snowshoeing adventures.  Except this happened in the summer.  And no snowshoes.  They are not very helpful in the summer.  I decided to go check out this old road I saw one day.  It was a very beautiful, sunny, summer day in July.  Off I went.  As was usual, I didn’t tell anyone where I was going.  Why would I do that?  Anyway, I got to the spot and turned off the highway onto this old road.  It was really not much of a road, more like a trail for walking, not something to drive on.  But that just makes things more interesting.  I finally get a couple kilometers back from the highway and come to a spot where the road was covered with water.

Daylily by my deck.

Beavers had built a dam across a creek and made themselves a pond.  Hmm.  I got out and checked.  Didn’t seem deep so I started driving through it slowly.  Now, somewhere in there was a creek.  I’m hoping there is some kind of bridge over this creek.  I made it through without any problem so that was nice.  A little further and I had to go down a rather steep hill with a curve in the road at the bottom.  Around that curve was a much large beaver pond.  And the road seemed to disappear in the water.  Meaning it must curve either to the right or left up ahead somewhere.  Hmm.

Creeping bellflower.

I decided to try walking through the water for a bit.  I was smart enough to bring boots with me.  I put them on and off I went.  One foot became wet immediately.  Obviously a hole in the boot.  Naturally.  And it didn’t take long for the water to be up to the top of my boots anyway.  Hmm.  Guess I won’t try driving through that.  Can’t turn around either since it is steep sided ditches on both sides of that road.  Have to back up.  That should be interesting going in reverse up that steep hill.

Off I went.  What else could I do?  I made it about half way up the hill.  The mud on the road was a bit wet and the tires started to spin and the car spun around.  Hmm, not bad.  At least I’m going forward now.  Except I couldn’t move.  So I had to back down and start over.  It was easier this way though and I made it up the hill without any problem.  About half way that is.  Back down again.  Off I went again.  Made it a bit further this time.  Back down.  Off I go.  Nearly made it to the top.  But not quite.  That was so sad.  Back down again.  Almost went off the road this time.  But the next try got me to the top.  That was a relief.

Nice red hollyhocks, with a bee retrieving nectar.

Back through the smaller beaver pond.  Slowly of course.  Then came a loud, horrible sounding noise.  And the front of the car went down.  Hmm.  Found the bridge.  But it obviously broke.  This is not good.  Can’t go forward or back.  I get out.  I’m not wearing my boots now.  One foot is wet anyway so now they match.  But how to get out of the creek?  It’s not a big creek and not deep, so that is good.  The tires however are not touching the bottom of the creek.  But I do have a shovel with me.  So, I start digging.

The idea is to dig behind and in front of the tires to make a more gentle slope to first of all back up out of the creek.  Then I can fill in the creek enough to drive through.  I should mention that I made this trip in the evening.  By now the sun has set and by the time I get the car out of the creek it is nearly dark.  While I am filling in the creek I managed to slip and…splash.  Now the rest of me is wet.  At least I match my feet.  It is dark before I’m finished filling in the creek by the lights from the car give me all the light I need.  Finally I decide to give it a try.  It worked!

Asiatic lily.

Amazingly I didn’t do any damage to the car.  Oh well.  At least I satisfied my curiosity about that road.  Sigh.  Next week another adventure with Steve.  And it’s a bit worse.  I hope you have enjoyed today, God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

47 Comments on “More Adventures With Steve.

      • Thanks, Steve. Five days now—getting better everyday. Nine more to go and stitches come out. Two more days of antibiotics. Sigh. Just a moments inattention….

        So grateful—it could have been worse. Typing one handed is fun. I have some terrible photos that I don’t think I should share—for the faint of heart. But honestly—just so grateful for my husband, the doctor who stitched me up and modern medicine and ibuprofen!

        And as always, grateful to come here to your corner of the world for an adventure and a smile! Thanks for the chuckle—it’s good medicine🙏🏻💊😊

        Liked by 1 person

      • Wow, still 9 more days before those stitches come out. It doesn’t take long for an accident to happen that’s for sure. Glad to hear that it’s healing well anyway. Hey, thanks so much for your kind words Nina!! That’s why I’m here, to provide some smiles and chuckles!😄😂 And you are most welcome, I’m glad you enjoy it here.🙂 Make sure you don’t start using that finger too soon, just take it easy until it’s healed! I hope you have a great evening!!😁🌞😸🌳


      • I know. Take it easy. Ha! I’m sitting here now—trying to crochet with my other hand. Very very slow….
        There is a lesson in this for me.
        Hope you also have a great evening!😊🍪🌺☘️❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      • How do you crochet with one hand? Oh, wait, that’s knitting. How do you manage with the gardening? It is a beautiful evening, warm, sunny, light breeze. Actually feels like summer today!😁🌞🌳🌼


      • Crochet.🧶🎣 with one hook. Knitting uses two “needles”. I’m left-handed. So of course—I hurt my left thumb. Learning to do everything right-handed now. Trying to…slowly—crochet is really difficult right-handed!. It’s cool—makes me think differently. Feeding myself is weird. The angle seems all wrong. Haha!
        Glad to hear summer has arrived. The flowers are so pretty. ☘️🌺🌸🌿👍🍪

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, thought of that after trying to remember how my mom did it. I’m right handed and had to use my left hand for about a month one time due to an injury, it wasn’t easy! Kept dropping my food, soup was really hard!🤪 Made me laugh though just thinking about how I must have looked trying to get that spoon to my mouth!😂😂


      • Haha! That is funny. Especially cause my husband made chicken noodle soup for dinner! I promptly shot soup straight into my eye. Made me giggle reading your story. We changed my dressing and I admit—made me a little uneasy just looking at it. But it’s getting better. I don’t think we’ll have to amputate…
        What did your mom make? I love old doilies and Afghans. Do you still have her creations? I tried knitting—but I was so noisy—-click click clack. So I stayed with the single hook. Much quieter. Quiets my mind 🤯. Thanks for visiting with me today—you cheered me up. Please give Muffin a scratch from me.😊😊😊🍪😊🙃

        Liked by 1 person

      • I logged off before this one, I try to stop my screen time around 8pm now. Glad you got a giggle out of that. I sure hope that heals quickly for you. Mostly mom made afghans but also some doilies. She was constantly making afghans and giving them away to older people. I still have one that she made me when I was 16. Hmm, never thought about the clicking of knitting needles, I can see where that would be annoying. I’m happy to know I brought a little cheer your way. Always nice to have you visit and Muffin purrs her appreciation to you!!😃🌞😸🌳😽😀😎


      • Mom afghans are the best heirlooms! Just think how many people have kept cozy and warm cause of your mom! Super sweet!
        Well, today is a new day and I made it through the night with only a couple of aspirin. Almost finished with antibiotics….So grateful for modern medicine. Truly grateful. 👍👍👍 and grateful for kitty purrs. 😻😇

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes indeed, she made a lot of them! Hey, sounds good Nina, that means things are healing well! Yes, we do have a lot of good medicine out there now to help. Nothing quite like a cat curled up on your lap purring! I hope you have a wonderful day Nina!!!😁🌞😸😻


  1. It’s great you could escape this so we can hear about this adventure 🌞 it’s not easy at all to continue the road when we face such difficulties and it could have been worse actually at any step you mentioned! It’s good all went well eventually so you can be happy telling this story 😊
    Beautiful flowers as well! Thank you for sharing and hope your day will be sunny and warm 😸🌞🌞

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Huguette! True, it could have been much worse, especially at the point where my car spun around, it was a 20 foot drop if I had gone over the side of the road, that’s about 6 meters.😲 Could have been hurt on that one.😬 Thanks so much, the day has started sunny and warm, but supposed to be thunderstorms this afternoon.🙀⛈ Hope your day is going well!😃🌞😺


  2. Steve, you most definitely experienced an adventure down (or is it up) at the creek.

    There is trail nearby th is underwater from a beaver dam. The beavers even borrowed some trees for construction. I haven’t seen the dam yet because I am not quite as curious as you.

    Liked by 1 person

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