Coffee In The Park.

Good morning everyone on this beautiful sunny morning once again!  It’s time for our morning coffee and we are off to another of our parks this morning.  This one is called Garrow Park and it’s on a different lake named Rabbit Lake.  Not quite sure where the name came from but I was told it’s due to the lake looking like a rabbit from the air.  I have not flown over the lake so I don’t know if that is true or not.  On a map it doesn’t really look much like a rabbit, except perhaps with a really good imagination.

As we drive into the park we can see the nice little beach ahead of us.

Anyway, it is a beautiful spot to have our coffee chat today.  Just ahead as we drive into the park there is a nice little beach.  This is one of the most popular beaches in town.  Because the water is not too deep off the beach and the beautiful sand bottom it makes it great for kids.  And there is a dock from where you can dive into deeper water on the other side.  Plus there is a nice playground area for the kids as well where they can get rid of all that energy they have stored up in them all the time.

There are numerous picnic tables around this park overlooking the dark blue water of the lake.

Plus there are a lot of nice shade trees and picnic tables around for us to use so we can sit and enjoy our coffee and chat for a while.  Last time Sheree brought some delicious cake and brownies for us to enjoy.  I hope she brings them again this time, they are definitely mouth watering goodness!!  And yes, beside the coffee I did bring some tea and hot chocolate for those who don’t like coffee.  Nice to have something for everyone.  I can even provide milk tea for those who prefer that to drink.

A nice place for kids to play.

Just look at the blue color of the water today, isn’t that just amazing?  Picking up the reflection of that deep blue sky, so wonderful.  And just a nice light wind this morning which is fine since it is quite warm this morning for us.  We haven’t had many warm mornings here this summer so this is a nice treat.  There is a family of crows nearby, they can certainly get a bit noisy at times, but it’s one of those sounds that just says it’s summer.  There are some gulls floating across the lake right now, that brilliant white really stands out against the deep blue of the sky.  That’s a summer country pleasure to see, even for those who don’t like gulls, it is still a beautiful sight.

A nice spot next to the kids play area.

The song sparrows are singing joyfully along the lakes edge.  A phoebe is also singing from a birch tree that is also close to the lake.  The phoebe sings it’s name all the time, just fee-bee in a nice pleasant voice.  They can be very friendly little birds and often like to build their nests close to people, in sheds or a garage, as long as they can get in and out easily.  They are a smaller bird and eat insects, great to have around when the mosquitoes get hungry.  Even here with all the people that come each day it is still possible to find some wildflowers.  There is a nice crown vetch.  And over closer to the road is some birdfoot trefoils, a rather odd name for a beautiful bright yellow flower.  And along the lake is some northern bedstraw, just a small white flower that grows in clusters and can get quite tall at times.

The birdfoot trefoil.

Just listen to that, the call of the loon, it is somewhere out on the lake but further down at the other end.  This lake is narrow, but quite long.  A squirrel is scampering across the grass, I wonder if I can entice him to come over here, I did bring some peanuts just in case.  Hmm, guess not, he has a one track mind and he is after those pine trees across the road.  Good thing this road doesn’t get much traffic this time of day.  Many squirrels and chipmunks meet their end trying to cross the street.

Another beautiful spot in the park.

Time goes so fast when we have our coffee chats, but they are so much fun.  However, time for this one to come to an end for today.  Thank you all so very much for joining me here at the park for our morning coffee.  I hope we will be able to do this again very soon.  Enjoy your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


60 Comments on “Coffee In The Park.

  1. What a wonderfully relaxing place early in the morning! I’m curious who Muffin is. We had a sweet little peekapoo growing up, and her name was Muffin. No offense if Muffin is a person. Ha ;-)))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Kevin, sorry the late reply, your comment went to spam and I forgot to check it yesterday. Thanks so much for reading! Muffin is my cat, she was an abused kitty that ended up at our cat shelter where I adopted her. She plays a big role at times on my blog. Thanks for asking, enjoy your weekend!🙂😺

      Liked by 1 person

      • Always enjoy visiting. The rest of the world may be crazy—but here…nuts for the critters! Peaceful here in Muffin’s country 😉
        Ahh—someone had an illegal campfire…and now we have smoke. Sigh. Went from five acres to roughly a 1000–in a day. Winds blowing straight at us! Ah well—winter is right around the corner…💦💨💦☃️ haha! But first—autumn. My favorite time when the rains return…
        Off to find to find some breathable air…have a great weekend!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yep, we’re all nuts over this way!🥜 But we do try to give that peaceful atmosphere anyway! People are always thinking they can handle a little campfire,🔥 but there is a reason for restrictions on fires. So sad.😕 I hope the wind changes for you, not nice breathing all that smoke. But winter??😬 In July?? What a terrible thing to think about!😲😂I hope you can enjoy your weekend anyway!😄😸☕🌳


      • We’re in good company, eh? Haha! We are packing up and heading out to find some relief. I’ll be back soon—hopefully with a new poem or two. Watch out for 🐭! I tell ya—if it isn’t one thing it’s another! I’m a hot mess for sure! 🙃🍦🐿🍪

        Liked by 1 person

      • Nice you can get away from it anyway.😃 Yes, get some ice cream along the way.🍦🍨 Too cool here to get hot! Hope you can enjoy your weekend!😁🌞😸🌳


  2. Hi Steve!! Good morning… Hope you are enjoying your day..
    And Rabbit lake is awesome 💕
    Very beautiful shots!! Keep clicking

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow another very beautiful park and lake 😸 ☕️ coffee time cannot get better!
    Rabbit lake! Maybe it’s true it looks like a rabbit from sky but really the color of the water is indeed amazing!!
    This birdfoot is some original flower with original name 😁
    Amazing place! Enjoy it and enjoy the sunny day 🌞🌞😸😸

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so very much Huguette for stopping by and joining our coffee time today!! Always nice to have you with us. It is certainly a lovely park though it can get quite crowded in the afternoons during the summer, mornings it’s nearly empty though. Hope you have a great weekend!😀😺🌳

      Liked by 1 person

      • Good morning Steve and hope Saturday will be also that great 😊 having my coffee now so it’s good to re walk with you in this beautiful park 🌞
        It’s good you can go before the crowd so you enjoy it 😸
        Have a great weekend as well 😸🌞🌞

        Liked by 1 person

      • Good morning Huguette, looks like the sun might shine today. I am just finally having my coffee, late start again today, the days are noticeably shorter now, so it’s hard to get up early! I see Sir George has arrived for his breakfast, hope your weekend is great!

        Liked by 1 person

      • It is a nice sunny warm morning, going to be a busy day though so not sure if I will have much time to enjoy it, but I will get some time in there for sure.🙂📷

        Liked by 1 person

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