A Wondrous Summer Morning.

Hello everyone on this another amazingly beautiful summer morning.  A wondrous morning.  The clear azure blue of the sky.  The emerald green leaves outlined against the sky.  Other greens intermixed such as Kelly green, shamrock green and forest green of the spruce and pines.  Such a color palette so richly lit by the morning rays of the sun as it bounces off the leaves that flutter so gently in the breeze.  The grass just seems to glow in such a rich green that I’m not really sure what shade to use for a description.  But all of this together just speaks of a glorious summer morning.IMG_5842

Summer goes by so fast in this part of Canada.  Already temperatures are supposed to start dropping this coming week.  That is early.  Too early.  I really hope the forecast is wrong.  In the meantime I will enjoy the summer that is here.  Monday is a holiday here so we have a long weekend.  And for this town, it’s the biggest weekend of the summer. After this the tourist population begins to decrease and be mostly gone by mid August.  But it’s great weather for this weekend.  The sun is bright and warm.  The lake just has small ripples, nearly calm in places.  So peaceful looking.  I could sit and look across the lake for hours on a day like this.IMG_5752

Watching as the boats go past.  There is a lot of boating activity on this lake in the summer.  Small boats, large boats, sail boats.  People out to enjoy this huge lake.  And it is big.  More than 4,300 km2 in size with more than 14,000 islands.  All those islands of every shape and size really add a great deal to the beauty of this lake.  Then there are the planes taking people to and from the more remote lakes in this area.  There are approximately 250,000 lakes in this big province of Ontario.  Seeing it from the air is absolutely breathtaking.IMG_5971

Sitting on the deck watching all the different birds bringing their young ones around. The chickadees came back again, with young constantly chasing after the parents looking for a mouthful of food.  The tiny chipping sparrows have also brought their young ones around finally.  Those little ones, just as big as the parents now, always with beaks wide open hoping that one of the parents will stuff them full of bugs or seeds.  Quite comical watching the young crows, also squawking, flapping their wings, trying hard to get some food from their parents who are mostly ignoring them.IMG_5976

So many beautiful flowers blooming in my landlord’s garden now.  And an amazing rainbow of colors are present.  A true feast for the eyes.  I love to watch the bees going from flower to flower.  And getting so covered with pollen at times that it’s hard to see the color of the bee.  A sight of great beauty.  Yet most people never stop to take a look. The usual comment, it’s just bees, who cares?  People miss out on so much that is all around them.

Here’s a bee getting covered with pollen.

But are you discouraged, depressed, stressed out, have problems of some kind?  Get outside, enjoy that bright sunshine.  Let it warm you.  Look at the sky, the clouds floating by.  Listen to those birds chirping and singing.  Walk through the grass barefoot.  Gaze upon those flowers, large or small.  Enjoy all that beauty, think about it.  It is something that really does help.  And you don’t need to live in a country location for this.  Go for a walk around your neighborhood.  You might be amazed at all the beauty you will find.

Well, time to go once again.  Summer is such a beautiful time of year.  I hope you all have a great weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.



34 Comments on “A Wondrous Summer Morning.

  1. Hey Steve ! I’m generally inactive on Blogging nowdays, but I noticed there was a person Ilona who writes about diet plan and Magna.. I see that her website and Blogs are missing… Any Idea my friend ?

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    • Yes, Ilona has quit blogging. Seems she was getting a lot of hassle from people and it was too stressful for her so she shut it down, not planning to come back. A lot of people miss her that’s for sure. Sorry for bad news. I hope you have a great weekend!😃😺🌞🌳

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      • What !!!!! That’s not a great news 😢 Like I thought , Sunday I’m gonna check her Blogs…We used to have great conversations even she helped me to get out from Depression.. Gonna miss her for sure.. I used to see your and mine comments in her Blogs.. So I asked you that you must be aware of where is she ? Even she deleted Insta to !!.. Bad and Sad news for the month starting !

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      • Yes, Ilona really helped a lot of people. yes, she deleted her instagram, changed her email so there is no way for anyone to contact her at all. Too bad really. But I hope it will help her get things sorted out and get rid of all that extra stress she had. Sad news for sure. Thanks for stopping by today, I always appreciate having you here! Have a great day!!😃😺🌞🌳

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      • That’s really bad news 😢Yes my friend I might be busy sometimes, but I will always be here cause, I don’t want to loose anyone .but I’ve seen in recent time, like there are lots of people who have quited Blogging.. I missed them all.. I used to search all of them now, but they all are gone away somewhere.. like we talked with them, now they are lost apart and now Ilona and person like her ! It will be tough for me to accept this that she’s gone away from here. Might be when she will be alright than she might be back with a bang..

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      • Thank you so much Aman for your support here, that’s the thing that helps to keep me going. I don’t want to leave when so many people have given me such wonderful support. I admit that I was considering stopping but I have had so many people say how much they enjoy my blog so that really gave me a boost to say I’m staying! Yes, maybe after Ilona has had time to rest and deal with all the stress then she will come back again. I sure hope so. I miss reading her posts too, she was a good friend and it was surprising that she cut off everything, but I can understand why she did it. Too many people knew how to contact her and they wouldn’t leave her alone. I hope she will quickly get the rest she needs. Sometimes a break for awhile is all that is needed. I hope you are having a good day and Happy Friendship Day! I count you as one of my friends here. Feel free to talk anytime!😃😺🌞🌳


  2. Great Post Steve!
    You are absolutely right about the beauty all around us. The bee is a very under appreciated part of nature. If it weren’t for them pollinating the flowers and plants would start to disappear.. Loved your descriptions of the different greens you’re seeing! Enjoy your day!

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  3. Wonderful article Steve! I very much agree with your wonderful words: “Get outside, enjoy that bright sunshine.  Let it warm you.  Look at the sky, the clouds floating by.” Spending time with mother nature is the best remedy!

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    • Yes indeed, it is a big help for sure!! Thanks so very much for reading today! Your support is much appreciated!! I hope you enjoy the remainder of your weekend.🙂😺🌞🌳

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      • Thank you very much Steve! You have an awesome blog, sorry.. sometimes I’m just so busy… but when I return to your blog – I always find inspiration I need, there is nothing better 😉

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      • Hey, that’s okay Savvy, I know it’s hard to read them all, I always get behind, worse now than ever! Thanks so much for your encouraging words!! Enjoy your evening!😁


  4. Hi Steve!! Good morning dear ❤️
    And happy friendship day to you 😍
    Beautiful post Steve 💞 so beautifully described!!
    Awesome pics

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    • Good afternoon to you Jyoti! Happy friendship day to you as well!😃😎 I forgot that was today, I was going to do a post for that. Maybe I will have time this afternoon.🤔 Thank you so very much for your encouraging words Jyoti!!😁 Enjoy your day!!😃😺🌞🌳


      • Hey Steve!! Good afternoon to you dear 💕
        Will wait for your post 😊😊
        You are always welcome 😊♥️

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      • hehe,😄 don’t wait too long for the post, still early morning here, I have to go out this morning so by the time I write the post it could be midnight for you,😴 or maybe a bit later.😁


      • I didn’t make it yesterday, my internet went down and only came back on this morning. I’m still going to do a friendship post however, which should be done soon. I hope you had a great weekend and that this evening will be wonderful for you!😄😸🌞🌳


    • Hello Simon! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, sometimes things get busy for sure. My internet has been off for hours, came on briefly and went back off again, I hope it stays on this time. Hope you had a great day!

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