A Walk In The Rain…Almost.

Hello everyone on this cold and very wet Tuesday.  Did we get rain last night.  Lots of rain.  However, yesterday around noon the rain had stopped and it was quite bright out there.  Still cloudy, but didn’t look too threatening as far as rain is concerned.  So I decided, okay, why not try for a walk?  All that can happen is I will get wet.

It is really quite amazing how quickly those mosquitoes come out after a rain.  They were all over me.  I wonder how much blood I donated to them yesterday?  It was quite a bit considering how many mosquitoes were biting me.  I carry my camera with my right hand, and I looked at my hand, there was a dozen mosquitoes feasting away.  I hope they enjoyed themselves.  I had over 2 dozen on me at one time.  The only thing I don’t tolerate is when they try to bite my face.  That’s too much.  Anywhere else is fine, but not my face.IMG_7524

As I got to the clearing I spotted Mama deer eating among the flowers.  How nice.  She started to walk away until I called to her, then she came back in the open and kept on munching.  But she kept watching me.  Normal, I guess.  Then she finally decided to walk away.  Oddly, she looked a bit nervous.  She recognized me.  So why be nervous?  Ever get that feeling like someone is watching you?  I had that feeling right then.  I turned around. My heart was thumping wildly.  Standing eye to eye with me was…Junior!  Is that you?  His eyes actually looked excited to see me.  Junior was Mama’s baby 2 years ago.  Now he has these nice little antlers.  And he’s quite big considering his age.  So I talked to him a bit.  And my heart settled down.IMG_7535

It was nice to get good pictures of both these deer friends of mine.  Junior especially seemed quite happy to pose for me.  But off I continued as Junior headed in the direction of Mama.  Darker clouds had moved in now and that next part of the path is dark anyway with all the big pines.  So it was very dark through there this time.  I keep thinking bears now.  But finally I’m back in the open along the river and heading beside the river to my favorite spot.  Actually, I have 3 favorite spots to sit along there, but all 3 were a little wet for sitting yesterday.

As I got close to the last of the 3 places…a crashing through the bushes.  I caught a glimpse of something.  My heart starts thumping wildly again.  That’s no deer.  Or bear.  Wolf!  And running straight towards me.  There have been wolves coming into town again lately and going after people’s pets, cats and smaller dogs.  I have had them on my deck before as well.  However, I am kind of out in the open here.  Finally he comes out on the path and runs right for me!  He stops, but is still very excited, so I reach out and pet him.  A beautiful big dog.  His human comes by shortly after jogging along the path.  Guess the dog figured his human was running too slow so he decided to run ahead and play around a bit.  My heart has settled down again now.  That’s twice on this walk.  Usually my walks are more normal.IMG_7560

This spot is too wet, nowhere to sit, so I head back to my little swinging bench.  Yes indeed, a nice private spot that can’t be seen from the path.  Hmm, unfortunately I have to climb down some rocks to get there and they are just too slippery.  So I start heading back home.  There is a little stump near the path with some small orange things growing on it.  I always look at this stump and there was nothing there on Saturday.  They are not a solid color, more a translucent color.  Very odd.  No idea what they are.IMG_7568

Then something catches my eye flying through the trees.  A young hawk.  He lands in a tree so nicely so I managed to get 2 pictures of it before he continued his journey across the river.  Not a bad for a dull cloudy day.  Nothing else along the walk and I returned safely home.  Very wet feet and a little less blood, due to the flocks of mosquitoes, but a very enjoyable walk.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

40 Comments on “A Walk In The Rain…Almost.

  1. I take it you live in a rather rural area. I’m stuck for now next to the world’s largest railroad switch yard, so i envy your walks. Sigh. give me a year or two.

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    • This is a town of 15,000 but we are surrounded by forest. There are more deer that live in town than in the surrounding area. They walk down sidewalks, even right downtown and are quite used to people. I live on the edge of town so here the deer are not quite as tame, a bit more on the wild side. There is a large area across from where I live right down to our river and there are paths that someone made a long time ago, hardly ever used now. So I go walking there every day. I have had most every kind of animal here right on my deck, except a moose! Have a great day!😃😺🌞


  2. That was the most amazing nature walk ever…made my little puny walk Saturday look like small bananas lol!😂 What an experience with the mama and offspring!…And they close almost encounter with the wolf🐺!!! Had me scared for a minute! My heart is still pounding lol! 👻 Thanks for bringing us along with you Steve. 😆

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  3. Lovely photos Steve of your friends. I confess I hate mozzies and am enjoying the lack of them in Queensland’s winter. Hope you and Muffin had a good day.

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    • Thank you so very much Sheree! The only time mosquitoes really bother me is when they try to bite my face, or when they buzz around my head at night. Otherwise they can bite all they want! Do you have many of them back in France? It’s a cold, wet, windy day, but good! Hope your day goes well too!!😁😸

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  4. Beautiful photo of the deer!! Looks like she’s trying to figure you out. 😀 I hate the mosquitoes, too. They seem to have radar and come at me as soon as I go outside!

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    • The deer on this end of town are not quite so friendly as the ones right in town, but these deer still spend a lot of time in the wild. Junior is more friendly than his mother.😀🦌 Mosquitoes don’t really bother me much, except when they try to bite my face or buzz around my head at night.🦟 Bite me any where else i don’t care!😄😸Have a great day!😃Thanks for reading Michelle!

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    • Thanks so much Nina! Yep, I want to walk most days while it’s still possible to do,🚶‍♂️ winter is coming and that means staying inside way too much.😕 Though I am looking at getting a treadmill🚶‍♂️ or exercise bike for winter use.🚲 Have you ever seen those little orange things before?🤔 Looks more yellow in the picture,📷 but they are bright orange like a pumpkin.🍊 Found them on five more rotting trees today. Hope you are having a great day!!😁😸🌞🌳


      • I have seen these little orange looks like jelly fungus. Great color! Yes, always on rotting logs. Super cool! A treadmill? That’s great! Muffin will certainly be entertained—watching you….

        Our winters aren’t too bad here (can be) one of my favorite times to walk in the woods—so quiet the sound of snow falling…the crunching of snow boots. But for sure good to have indoor activities.

        Speaking of which….and this is so cool…a nice size Yamaha keyboard showed up today for me! A very sweet and encouraging gift from my husband. Woohoo! He apparently wants me to keep singing as well. Ok!

        And the fun part is—it comes with all kinds of sound effects and different instruments. I’m getting no more house work done today—only practicing scales. Ha! And playing with different noises….🎹

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      • Jelly fungus, cool!😃 I will be able to walk my path for awhile, even in the beginning of winter, until the snow gets too deep.🚶‍♂️ But I think a treadmill would be a good idea. Maybe Muffin will try it out too!😂😹
        A keyboard! Fantastic! Yes, they do have a lot of different sound effects/instruments, that should work great with your videos! Can’t wait for that!😁
        Hey, keep practicing, it will be a lot of fun for you and I’m sure a blessing to everyone. Enjoy your afternoon/evening!!😄😸🌞


      • Well, the keyboard is a little weird on my broken thumb, but methinks it’s good therapy!
        How much snow do you get?
        Ok, I’ll keep practicing and you keep walking. See you tomorrow! 🙈

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      • Good morning Nina! Yes, I guess it would feel a bit weird on your thumb, but it could indeed be good for it too.🙂
        We can get 6 or 7 feet of snow,😲 but it usually comes in smaller amounts of 5 or 6 inches at a time. Sometimes we might get 15 to 18 inches in a storm, the worst storm gave us 24 inches.😬
        It was a cold walk yesterday, need a warmer jacket for today!🥶


  5. Wow, this was amazing and you are talking to the animals too🦋
    I am too. I love to talk to them, maybe because they don’t talk so much back.. oh, I am joiking..
    But I sm grateful to spot wild animals.
    Always a beautiful walk with you, thank you🌸

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  6. Hey Steve! What a day? You have donated blood to tons of mosquitoes. God that hurt isnt it? and the deer, Luckily the Mama didnt chase you for the kid, Looks like you both had good chemistry working on 😉. What Wolf? ha ha ha thats a dog. You almost raised the heart beat 😂. Why such a big place with no chairs, you should take a mini in hand to rest wherever u want. Finally a young hawk, and what was that looks like someone poured melted cheese in the middle of forest 😂. Nice one Steve! Hope you had a great Tuesday 🤗✨

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    • Hey Simon! Well, mosquitoes need to eat too! They don’t bother me really, unless they try to bite my face, that’s too much. Or at night when they buzz around my head. Just land and bite, get it over with is what I say! Hey, that’s an idea, bring my own chair. Usually I just sit on a rock or my nice bench, but it was just too wet. And being so cold it will stay wet for a long time. It was only 14.8 yesterday. And very windy. I need to bring out my fall jacket now I guess, it was cold walking yesterday. Yes, that orange stuff is cool, actually looks more orange in real life. It was a great day even if cold, today is even colder but it will still be a great day! Enjoy your evening Simon, thanks for stopping by and for the nice chat!😄😸🌞🌧

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      • Hey Steve! Its a nice cold evening here with a little delayed monsoon rains, my place is gng to be wet for a while 😉 Yes. why not let the mosquitoes fill their stomach 🙂 Have a Great Wednesday ✨🤗

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      • We don’t get rain like you do, that’s for sure. We had about 10 cm over the last 36 hours, which is a lot for us in a short time.😳 The river will likely rise quite a bit over the next couple days.😬 I will have to watch my step down there!🤔 Thanks Simon!😀

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      • My god 10 cm is a lot of rain. if same rain happens here for two days you might see us all in boats 😂😂 Silly .. our building structures are like that. Hardly space to breath, for water no chance at all..😂 Enjoy the rain Steve.. For us its going to be 1.1 mm rain for the night and thats it ✨🤭😄

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