Thank You Everyone!! We Did It!

I just want to take a few minutes here to thank all of you, my followers, readers and friends!!  We started January 1, 2019 with 35 followers, even though I had been blogging for 18 months by that time.  And this morning we hit our target goal of 500 followers!!  I keep saying we because I have to include Muffin in this as she is a big part of Steve’s Country.  But it’s all because of you that Steve’s Country is still going and still growing! 

So a great big THANK YOU from all of us here!!  That includes Muffin and I plus all the visiting critters especially Rusty, Skamper and Checker (my chipmunks), Choco the squirrel, Sir George and Lady Pearl (my friendly herring gulls) and all the other animals that come around here!IMG_2334

The above picture is Sir George, on right, and Lady Pearl.IMG_2597

The little chipmunk above is Skamper.IMG_4219

This little chipmunk above is Rusty.IMG_2346

This little squirrel above is Choco.IMG_1056

And, of course, Muffin!

We hope that you will continue to enjoy your time here at Steve’s Country!  It’s a place to relax and smile for a while.  Thank you all once again!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

49 Comments on “Thank You Everyone!! We Did It!

    • Thank you very much Lillian! I am always so happy to have you join us here!! You helped Steve’s Country get to this point! Have a great evening Lillian!😃😺😻🌼

      Liked by 1 person

      • Me? No, you have done the great job by yourself my friend, with your beautiful blog with the most wonderful posts and you and 😺because Steve, you have a wonderful heart and soul with much love.
        But, I deeply appreciate it🌹thank you.
        Enjoy your day.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Aww, thanks so much Lillian for your very kind and encouraging words!!😌😉 And it is such encouragement that keeps me going and keeps me writing!😀 Have a wonderful evening Lillian!😁😸🌙

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  1. Steve that is great, well deserved and you work hard! This is absolutely wonderful news!!!! You and Muffin have a wonderful sight. Keep Shining Congratulations Blessings 😊⭐️🐱

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