Cold Morning Conversation.

Hello everyone on this another rather cold day.  The weather we have had the last couple of days is something that would be more normal for the last half of October, not the end of August.  I mean, it’s just plain cold.  Even my chipmunks are not coming out today, proof that it’s cold.   Will it be a long cold winter again this year?  I don’t know.  But…the birds are leaving about 2 weeks earlier than normal.  That’s a good indication of an early winter.  And early winters are always long and cold.  Always.

Sun shining through the tall red pine.

  Plus the trees are all absolutely full of cones and seeds this year.  That’s a good indication of a long, hard winter.  Personally I like to watch the birds to see if they can forecast the weather, at least in a general sense.  For example, the last 3 winters have been long and cold here.  The birds were right each year.  That’s not bad.  Actually, they have been right for the last 10 winters.  That’s good.  But it doesn’t mean they will be right all the time.

Another young hawk.

They are forecasting another early, long and cold winter this year.  I am really hoping they are wrong this time.  I have checked through weather records back to 1970.  We have never had 4 long winters in a row.  Guess we will have to wait and see what happens.  But I am really hoping the birds are wrong.  But this recent cold has brought in a morning conversation between Muffin and I.  It goes something like this.

2 female common mergansers waking up from their afternoon nap.

It’s cold in here, time to turn the heater on, say I.  Open the door, I want fresh air, says Muffin.  It’s too cold to open the door, we need the heater on.  It’s just fine in here, open the door.  You’re wearing a fur coat, I’m not.  Put on more clothes and open the door.  I can’t just put on more clothes, I’m already wearing an extra sweater.  You have more clothes, put them on and open the door.  It’s too hard wearing that much clothes, I’m turning the heat on.  We don’t need heat, we need the door open for fresh air, wrap yourself in a blanket and open the door.

Some people out for a tour of the river the other day.

Now look, if I say we need heat, then we need heat.  We don’t need the door open, it’s just too cold for that now.  You have lots of blankets, get one and wrap yourself in it, sit in your chair and play with that box thing of yours, and open the door!!  Stop looking at my feet Muffin!!  There, I have slippers on, HA!  My feet are protected now.  HEY, that’s my ankle!  Let go!  Wrap yourself in a blanket and open the door and I’ll let go.  If I wrap myself in a blanket, then try to walk over to open the door I’ll fall down and break all my arms.  Then I won’t be able to get you any food.  Well, what are you waiting for, says Muffin, turn on the heat!

Time to share another picture of Baxter, my favorite blue jay. He is back with his mate now.

Sometimes I wonder if living alone with a cat affects me somehow?  Amazing how a conversation can come about just with Muffin and I looking at each other.  Sigh.  And it’s not even winter yet.  Oh well, it adds a little something different to the day.  I hope you enjoyed it, have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

28 Comments on “Cold Morning Conversation.

  1. Your photos, as usual, are spectacular. As to the early winter. We had temps in the 40s last night. Like your area, that’s late October weather.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yes, it’s hard to believe getting it so cold in August, but I’m still hoping for a long fall and short winter.😀 I’m probably dreaming though!😂Thanks for reading, have a great day!😃😺


  2. It is cool…tell Muffin that I turned the heat on as well…loved the banter between you both ! Made me chuckle ! And the pics were great as usual !

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so much Lydia! Well, I’m certainly not looking forward to those -40 temps again this winter, but, it’s coming anyway!😲🥶 Maybe with some practice I could hibernate like bears?🤔 I would have to gain a lot of weight though and that’s hard to do.😕 Oh well, nice thought while it lasted.😜🙄 Enjoy your evening!😃😺 Hey, when do you start your new job? Is it full time? Do you get free exercise time? Coffee?😀🙄

      Liked by 1 person

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