Be You, Not Someone Else.

Hello everyone and sorry I am late with this today.  It’s been one of those days.  Serious computer problems.  But everything is working good once again which is nice.  This is a different kind of post for me.  There has been a lot going on this summer with certain people bullying others.  Plus people who try to make others write a certain way.  You know, “you’re not doing this right, you should be saying this instead”.  Or “I don’t think you should write like that, this is what you should write like”. And, “I think you should write your blog this way, say this instead of that”.  Also, “you are totally wrong writing that, I don’t like it that way, this is what you should write about”.  And there is much more that could be added.IMG_7062

But something we all need to remember is this simple fact, who’s blog is it?  Is it your blog, or is it your reader’s blog?  I am very thankful for my readers and all the support they have given me.  But some like to complain saying that my blog isn’t what it should be.  I’m talking several people.  Not offering advice exactly, but just saying, this is what should be done.  I don’t mind advice, given correctly, but even there, people need to be careful what they say.  But for us as bloggers the first thing we need to remember is why are we blogging?  We can’t possibly write something that everyone will like all the time.

Another look at one of our more amazing flowers, the Indian Pipe.

And, remember, we can’t be someone we are not.  For myself, I have a different way of writing.  I don’t exactly follow the rules of good grammar.  Or sentence structure.  I write very plainly.  That’s the way I am.  If I tried to write like someone else, well, it just would not work out.  It would be terrible actually.  I doubt it would be good to read.  It certainly would not be fun to write.  For me, if writing isn’t enjoyable, then why would I do it?IMG_7135When I first started my blog 2 years ago, I had a goal in mind.  That was to write a blog that was different.  To make Steve’s Country a place to come and relax for a while.  To leave the hurried pace of our daily lives behind for a few minutes.  To help forget about stress for a little while.  To help people focus on some good things, some beautiful things, some positive things.  There is so much in this world that is negative.  Steve’s Country is meant to focus on the positive side for a while.  Plus, to make it a place that just might bring a smile to the faces of my readers.  Maybe even a chuckle or two.  Perhaps even roaring laughter. That was the objective of Steve’s Country right from the start.  And still is.

I think this mushroom has a cool edge to it.

And also a place to show some of God’s amazing natural world that is all around us, through photography.  And it’s not just here at Steve’s Country.  This whole world is full of amazing nature, with animals, plants, rocks, lakes, oceans, mountains, prairies, islands.  It’s all there.  And we really don’t need to look far to find it.  You can even find it in a big city.  It’s there.  Just look.IMG_7703

That’s the purpose of Steve’s Country.  A stress free place to relax, enjoy and smile.  That’s also why I added that extra line under my name, “For a smile as wide as a country sunrise”.  That’s me.  That’s what I write, always have, always will.  No changes in that.  And from all the comments I know that’s what you like as well.  Thank you all for that.  All that to say, be you, not someone else, no matter what others might say.

Well, that’s my rant for today I guess.  Just something I thought needed to be said.  Thank you all for reading today, I hope you have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

52 Comments on “Be You, Not Someone Else.

  1. You are perfectly right! We cannot please everybody and first of all our blog needs to represent us, who we are, what we like! Nature is indeed a wonder! My calming place 😉 Great job Steve and Muffin 😉

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  2. Steve, this was a wonderful read with a powerful message, I adore this. I am so grateful you write about this topic, and you write it so well.
    And I relax too, but you know I always do when I visit your blog.
    Thank you for sharing and thank you for putting words like you do. Never try to be someone else, you are a beautiful soul with a kind heart and I am so grateful to you.
    ❤️Give a hug to Muffin and I wish you a lovely weekend.

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  3. I think your blog is perfect as it is. Personally I would not follow so assiduously if I didn’t think so. And I believe that the many who follow you think of it this way.
    Everyone has his own style that may or may not like, but no one is obliged to follow a blog rather than another. It is always a personal choice. What need is there to behave like this? I don’t know if I’ll ever understand it.
    Thanks Steve for all! And thanks Muffin too!😺
    Have a good weekend!

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  4. Hi Steve – so sorry to hear about your blogging bullies. Must confess after 8+ years of blogging that’s never happened to me. A few blogging friends have been hammered by comment trolls re: sensitive political topics, but that’s a risk of addressing issues on any social media these days.

    Your blog is amazing, inspiring, fresh and refreshing- each post tranpsorts us to your home (& what Muffin & all the critters around you are up to.) Don’t let any naysayers detract you from being YOU in the blogosphere (the point of blogging in the 1st place!) Cheers! 🌟📚🤗📚🌟

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    • Thank you so very much for your wonderful support Virginia, I appreciate it greatly! Wow, thanks too for your fantastic comment, I am glad you like it here. I will most definitely continue on writing the way I began. Have a great weekend!😁😸🌞🌳

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  5. This really did make me smile as wide as a country sunrise and sunset, to boot! Keep being you Steve! Bullies will always hate until the Lord gets a hold of their heart. When they get a little of that joy you have, maybe things will be different for them!

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  6. Well said brother! I agree wholeheartedly.

    You always bring a smile to my face and so many other just by being you. Being you is what drew me to your blog and it is what keeps me coming back!

    Tell Muffin I said hey!

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