Something Different.

Hello once again everyone!  It is now evening and the clouds are beginning to move in.  But we did get a nice sunny day which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Even with that little mishap.  The blue jays were just here getting their last snack of the day.  The chipmunks as well.  The goldfinches and chickadees are still out there eating, along with a couple white-throated sparrows.  It is quiet outside now, the remaining birds just making a very low chirp now and then.  It’s autumn.  It’s cooling off quickly outside now that the sun is disappearing.  There is still a light wind blowing.  A crow is cawing in the distance.

I have a short video to share today.  This was taken today as I walked down to the river.  My first attempt at this so it’s not perfect.  My voice might be a bit shaky from nervousness.  I hope this works and the video will actually play for you.  If not, I will have to try something else.  Let’s see what happens.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this today, perhaps I will do more in the future.  I hope you all enjoy your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

67 Comments on “Something Different.

    • Hey, thanks Hilary! Another vote for more videos! The hard part right now is getting nice weather to do the videos. I really wish I had started in the summer when there was a lot of nice weather! Oh well, hopefully there will be a lot of nice days yet. Enjoy your evening!😃😺🍁🍂

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      • What you need is a voting meter like the ones they have for IG stories. Yes, that’s a thing… people ask questions and you choose an answer, and after you choose an option it shows the poll ratings. Another reason to get Instagram… I’m just sayin’ 😆

        What about making a video with the photos you’ve collected over the summer? sorta like a slideshow (you can also add recordings/music). I used to make them years ago and it’s easy to do on a computer. You’ll need a movie maker of some kind which comes with both windows and Apple models. I’m familiar with the windows live movie maker format, but it’s been years since I’ve used the program. Maybe these suggestions will resonate with you, and if not, that’s fine too. Goodnight! 😴💤

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      • I like the slideshow video idea, will have to check and see what I can do, with me it will probably take some practice! But it would be something different to do at times which would be nice. Thanks for the idea Hilary and thanks for listening! Have a wonderful day!😀😸🌞🍁🍂

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  1. Ah wonderful, Steve! This is how you slipped, eh? Oh goodness do be careful! This is fun—and you sound very natural. Nervous is natural. You have a very calming voice. Looking forward to hearing you read your poems…😊😊😊 Yay!!!!!

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    • Thanks so much Nina! Well, I guess that was the hardest one, hopefully it will get easier. Read my poems?😲 I’m not so sure about that one!😬 That might take some practice. Raining again this morning. Enjoy your day!😀😺🌞🍁🍂🌲


      • Hopefully! Oh good—this means you will do more videos then! Excellent. Yes, keep practicing. Great idea! Best way to get over nervousness.
        Last night we had crazy lighting and thunderstorms—gratefully with rain too. Smells so fresh this morning. Enjoy your day too!! 🍁🌻🍂🧸🌞

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      • Well, I would like to, depends, but probably. How’s that for a definite answer?😂 We should be done with thunderstorms for another year. Though sometimes we can get a late one. Glad you got rain with yours! Raining steady here.😀😺🌧🍁🍂


      • That’s a brilliant answer. I get it—they are a lot more work to make. But now that we hear your voice—I hear it when I read your words 🙂
        How’s the backside feeling today?

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      • Actually better than I thought. Although I don’t think I would want to try walking today, so good thing it’s raining, that way I will stay home for sure.😀
        I thought about that when I did the video, will people then think of that when they read?🤔 Guess it works.😉😁
        Enjoy your day Nina!😃😺🍁🍂🌲🌼


      • You too, Steve! I’m learning the D major scale right now with the help of the internet.
        I could totally hear your voice with your poem this morning…
        Glad you are feeling better. Good day to stay at home for sure! Muffin will be happy to bite your feet!😺

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      • Hey, sounds good Nina!😃 See? You will be able to play and sing in no time.😀
        Actually Muffin is curled up with me in our big chair trying hard to pretend that she’s comfortable when really she would like the chair all to herself.😹


  2. Soooooo sweeeeeeet.
    Loved it 😻😻😻😻
    Looking forward for more and more.
    What about sharing award post in video 😺😺😺am sure Muffin likes that idea too.
    Beautiful lake and wonderful voice, loved it…

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    • Thank you so much Kevin! That was kind of a practice video just to see if it worked out okay. I hope to do more and longer in the future. Sorry for the delay in answering, your comment got lost and came back again! Hope you have a great day!!😁😸🍁🍂


    • Thanks so much Buddy, I am hoping to do more in the future, just have to work on it a bit to get it right! Have a great day! Sorry for the delay in answering, I saw your comment, then it disappeared, then it came back, odd.😁😸🍁🍂


    • Thanks Eugenia! I certainly felt nervous anyway! Yes, it should get easier as I do more. I wish I had started earlier in the summer though. Have a great day!😃😺🌞🍁🍂


  3. You know what? During the night, I was thinking…… After watching this video and hearing your voice, I realized that you do sound young!!!!! So, I can believe now that you and Dusty must be close! You sounded like a young man in his 20s or 30s! I have no idea how old you are though!

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