Bears, And More…Bears.

Good morning to everyone!  I hope you are all having a good day.  It is another cool, cloudy and wet morning here.  Seems like that is going to be the norm for this autumn. This kind of wet cold just goes right through a person.  Especially me.😀  I just notice these things more than most people I guess.  When it’s hot I have a lot of energy.  When it’s cold, then it’s hard to get going.  I seem to be the opposite of most people.😂🙄 Which is probably a good thing.  Can you imagine if there was a bunch of people like me walking around?😳  Now that would be scary!😲IMG_6917

There was a bear around again last night.  Bears are coming into town now looking for food.  Their natural food is gone now and they need more to fatten up before their winter hibernation.  So they come looking for garbage or whatever else they can find to eat.  And they will come around any time of the day.  So they are dangerous right now.  This one last night was that big bear that was here in the spring.  When he walked on the deck I could feel it shaking.  I went to have a look.  Turned on the light outside.  Looked out the window and there is this massive black head looking at me.  Must admit, that was a bit shocking.  He could easily break that window just by pushing on it.

This mushroom is divided into 4 segments, like a 4 leaf clover.

  Poor Muffin.  She is terrified of bears.  And to have this big critter looking in the window, well, that was just too much for her.  It must weigh between 700 lbs or more (320 Kg).  That’s big.  He comes from across the street.  Which is where I go walking each day.  Makes me just a little nervous.  A person can’t outrun a bear.  Or climb a tree.  Even a bear that large can climb a tree faster than any person.  And now that bear’s are out during the day too.  Hmm.IMG_6916

I was out at my cottage one time.  It was late evening and I was out watering the flowers in the garden.  I got that feeling of being watched.  I looked all around.  Nothing.  I could see a good distance since it was cleared out good around there.  I went back to watering. Still had that feeling.  I looked around the corner of the cottage.  Nothing.  I stayed out for quite a while but could not shake that feeling.  I went inside and sat down at the table.  Immediately this big cinnamon bear walked right past the window.  She had been out there and not far away.  She had been watching me.  She was big too and had a small cub.

This is some kind of weird looking mushroom like fungus growing on a tree.

Another time I had stayed out there and I looked out all the windows before going outside in the morning.  There was actually several bears that used to come around there.  But I couldn’t see anything so I stepped outside and looked around before closing the door behind me.  Nothing.  Just got the door closed and this bear comes around the corner of the cottage.  We looked at each other.  I opened the door quietly.  He charged.  And I just barely got inside and closed the door and he was standing there with his paws up against the window on the door.  I closed the inside door which was a nice solid wood door, and waited for him to leave before I went outside again.IMG_8078

It’s important to be careful around bears.  They can be very unpredictable, especially early spring and autumn.  Black bears and cinnamon bears are the same thing, just one is brown.  But they are both black bears.  Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


199 Comments on “Bears, And More…Bears.

  1. Bears and bears and bears oh my! Scary. And so cute and cuddly too..🧸
    Yikes! Poor Muffin! We have little black bears here—usually they run away.
    But oh man—when they look at you! And that feeling..of being watched…

    A couple of times now while out walking our little dog—she has treed bears—chased them right up the pine trees! And can they climb. Wow. But we don’t take any chances with bears—especially with cubs or when they are hungry.

    Fun story, Steve as always—thank you for the smiles😊🧸😊

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    • Right now I wouldn’t mind having a dog for these walks, most bears will run from a dog, even a small one. Not this big one around here though. I have seen him chase 2 dogs and can he move fast!🐻🐶🐩
      I know he comes from the area where I walk so that makes me a bit nervous now. But with less leaves on the bushes I can see a long way through the trees which helps.
      Hope I can get out for a walk today, it was cloudy first thing, then sunny, now cloudy again.🌞🌧
      Hope you have a great day and weekend Nina!😁😸🍁🍂🚶‍♂️🌲


      • Oh gosh I hope he doesn’t become a nuisance! Do you have nuisance bear laws in Canada? Here if they become a problem—they can be killed. Dispatched I believe is the proper term.

        I once had to chase a problem bear in Yosemite. Chased her with pines cones and waving my arms widely. Yes—I was terrified—but she was trying to make off with my husband’s backpack that had the car keys! No good. Bad bear! She had been tagged—I can still see it #37–in her ear. She was a known problem. Had two cubs with her who were watching from a distance. Teaching her young. Yikes.

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      • Yes, we have the same law here. First offense they haul them away and tag them. If they come back, they get shot. There are 3 bears around here, one is tagged, one is a 2 year old, I think the cub of the tagged bear, then that big one. Not a good idea to chase a mama with cubs! A lady was killed here this week doing that, trying to chase a bear from her garbage. Not a good idea.😬😲😲


      • Oh goodness! Killed this week? That is terrible! So sad for her family. 🙏🏻

        No, not a good idea at all to chase mama bear. What to do? I really do love knowing that there are bears here—we see them so rarely. The biggest thing is keeping stuff like our garbage contained so they can’t get into it.

        Last year a bear got our apple harvest—ate every apple but left us one. We could see where he got over the fence. Uuhg. Yep. Life in the woods…🤷🏻‍♀️

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      • Yeah, a bear got at my landlord’s apple tree last year, broke the tree in half and ate all the apples. Not a very big tree, 12 feet tall about, guess it couldn’t take the weight of the bear, he was quite big, though not like the one this year.
        I do like wildlife, but I could easily live without bears around. But I still would like to get a really nice pic of one. Oh well. Safely though, not while I’m out walking!🚶‍♂️🐻📷🌞


      • Ha! There is more to the story—but there was no choice! I had to get the car keys back from her or we would have been stuck. Brave or desperate 🤷🏻‍♀️

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      • Right? Oh gosh we had just hiked out 30 miles in 2 days—with another couple. And the boys decide to take a ‘quick trip’ up Half Dome to which us girls said—we’ll stay here in the shade and watch the packs. Sitting just a few feet from our packs—my friend turns, looks at me and says “oh look—a bear”. WAHHHH!!!!

        Fortunately for us—Because I almost let the bear have the pack when she stood up and growled at me—I had thrown a pine cone at her big butt which…well it was a good shot…a couple of nice men came to our aid—and together we all chased her off. Saw her walk off with her two cubs…what an experience! Learned much that day…
        Extra keys is a good idea.🙃

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      • Wow, not bad! Think I might have froze at that point, but I don’t think I would have thought about tossing pine cones at a bear! Good for you! That would definitely be quite an experience!!
        Yep, carry extra keys.😁😂🐻


      • 🥰. Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, the magnolia really was incredibly beautiful. Stunning. You have them in the south, right?

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  2. Good evening lovely Steve, nice pictures, i had a good day, i hope you too, well it is the end of summer, but spring is so beautiful too!!!💚Be careful with the bears, you never know what is on their mind, i hope, that you are good at running or tree claiming 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good evening Ilona! Thank you for stopping by and reading today, I really do appreciate your taking the time. 😁🙂It isn’t possible to outrun a bear they can run at 50kmh, faster than any human! And they can reach top speed in 2 jumps, no matter how big the bear! And bears can climb trees faster than people too.🐻 I just hope I don’t meet one or I probably won’t be here anymore.😳😬 I hope your weekend is great!!😁😸🌞🍁🍂🌴


      • I was going to say he’s the one that stamps out fires, but I think that’s Smokey.🤔 I think my dad mentioned a baseball player by that name.🤔


      • Your dad was probably thinking of Yogi Berra. Yogi Bear is a cartoon character and his sidekick was Booboo. And Yogi was always after the Ranger’s picnic basket. But maybe that cartoon was never shown in Canada?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Now that you mention Booboo and picnic basket it kind of rings a bell, but if I saw it maybe it wasn’t often, not really sure.
        My dad was really into baseball, not me, he was always talking about it. I was never much into sports of any kind actually. Strange I know. It’s that 👽 thing again!😂


  3. As always, be careful out there Steve. I know you will.

    I visited a Montana lake years ago. As dusk was approaching, I had the feeling I was being watched. I left without investigating further. When I think of those moments now, the whole episode is pretty creepy.

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    • I do try to be careful, but sometimes things happen, just takes one little moment of not paying attention.
      Dusk is the time when these animals like to be out and start watching. I have had it happen several times with bears and wolves. Other times I couldn’t see anything but I’m sure something was there. Enjoy your day!😃😺🍁🍂

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  4. Hi Steve! Omg Bears.. thats really scary … Stay careful. Is there anyone selling breasts repellant machines😜. Thought of selling that now😂😂. Wish you an awesome.Sunday✨🤗

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    • Thanks for reading Simon! Nice to see you! This time of year around here is bad for bears. And that does make me a bit nervous walking now, wish there was something I could carry with me for protection.🤔🐻😵🚶‍♂️
      Thanks so much, I hope your day has been great too!!😃😺🌞🍁

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