Midweek Coffee In The Park.

Good morning everyone on this cool autumn day!  Well, I hope you brought some warm jackets with you today, this is certainly not like our warm summer coffee times.  But by dressing warm it’s not so bad, I hope.  Anyway, I do have lots of nice hot coffee and tea available for everyone who is willing to brave these much colder than normal temps we have been having this month.  And Sheree has promised to bring some of her delicious chocolate cake along as well.  Hmm, actually these colder temps started in mid August, so a whole month now of below normal temps for us here.  It’s one of those years, that’s for sure.

A nice green park with picnic tables for us to use.

But this nice little park that I have chosen for us this morning is quite sheltered so the wind won’t bother us at all.  And it gets plenty of sunshine here as there are no large trees around to block it for us.  Providing the sun peeks out for us this morning.  Nice big shade trees are good on a hot summer day, but now we want that sun to help warm us a little today.  This park, called Keewatin Beach Park, is right on the lake and has a nice small sandy beach which is very popular with families in the summer.  I don’t think anyone would really want to try it today though.

Even a nice little playground area for kids.

Since we are into mid autumn here, most of our birds have now gone south.  Only a few of our more hardy summer visitors are still with us.  And of course our resident species which numbers only a couple dozen varieties.  That will increase a little when the winter visitors arrive from the north.  But that doesn’t normally happen until later in October.  But it’s nice sitting here looking out across the lake.  At least we do have the spectacular scenery to enjoy.  Plus there are still many varieties of wildflowers in bloom.

Pearly everlasting.

Over here we have the pearly everlasting.  This flower blooms all summer and into autumn and has a nice soft, fuzzy appearance.  And over here along the edge of the park we have the small but beautiful hemp nettle.

Hemp nettle.

And along this edge of the park is the creeping bellflower.  It’s really a garden escape from long ago but is now well established in the wild and generally added to our list of wildflowers.

Creeping bellflower.

And I see one over here that most people would rather not see, a thistle.  Considered more of a weed than a wildflower, but they do have pretty flowers on them nonetheless. Hey, why look at the negative part when it’s so much nicer to look at the beauty.


Ah well, it wasn’t so bad here after all, sitting at these picnic tables with the sun shining on us made it at least somewhat pleasant.  And, although not much bird life we did get to see some nice wildflowers and enjoy the green space of this park before everything turns brown for another year.  Thank you for joining me again today, I do hope your Wednesday is fabulous and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

13 Comments on “Midweek Coffee In The Park.

  1. Today , I found myself why Haven’t I been born in a colder country in Northren Europe or Canada . But then , I answered myself that enjoying your life could be regardless and only found in the here now as Eckhart Tolle says that you could find , peace , love and joy in whatever the moment takes as he mentions in a book called the power of now…
    The things you think would make you happy does not necessarily mean happiness … I think Every life situation has its pros and cons …

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