Join Me For A Walk?

Hello to all of you on this rather cool autumn day.  It is cloudy and windy which makes it feel a bit cooler than it really is as well.  However, the sun is peeking out now and then, and this is autumn so we must expect this kind of weather up here in the north.  However, there is some warmer weather coming for 3 days early next week.  That would be very nice.  I’m a little slow getting my post out again.  Sorry about that.  Technical difficulties is what I like to call it.  Anyway, even though it’s a cool day, how would you like to join me for a little walk today?

Not a sunny day like when this pic was taken, but still the same path.

It’s actually a good time for a walk down to the river.  Most of the path is nicely sheltered from the wind, which is perfect on a day like this.  Of course, it is necessary to dress warmly too.  A sweater and warm jacket are definitely a good idea.  We are not likely to see much bird life now.  Mostly all I see these days are blue jays, chickadees, nuthatches and ring-billed gulls.  Maybe a woodpecker or two.  And eagles are always flying around once we get to the river itself.  Quite a difference from even 2 weeks ago, there was still a lot of different species around at that time.

The colors of fall really showing up now.

But there is still the fabulous scenery to enjoy and who knows what else might show up for us?  Hopefully not a bear though.  That is one animal I don’t want to ever see along this path.  Not at all.  Not me.  No one can out run, out climb or out swim a bear.  Just can’t be done.  A black bear can run 30 mph (50 kph).  And it can reach top speed in 2 or 3 strides.  And they are amazingly strong animals.  It’s best to stay as far away as possible.

This little caterpillar probably wishes he wasn’t around on such a cool day.

Listen.  Do you hear that?  That odd noise is a flock of sandhill cranes flying south.  Unfortunately they are above the clouds so we can’t see them.  But they have such a distinctive call making them easy to identify.  And that call travels a very long distance too.  They will fly in flocks of 200 or more birds.  Some days it’s possible to see a couple dozen flocks fly past in just 2 hours.

A nice little buck along the path.

Did you hear that crackling sound?  That’s a large animal for sure.  Yes, there he is, just off through the trees over there.  A nice young buck.  Hmm, he’s pawing the ground, that’s not such a good thing.  It means he is nervous.  And nervous animals can be dangerous.  I’ll talk to him.  There.  Now he has relaxed.  See?  He is even coming a little closer.  Too bad there are so many branches in the way.  Hard to focus and get a good picture of him.  And with the cloud cover and thick trees, there just isn’t much light, making for poor picture taking.  Oh well, better than nothing.

2 Canada Geese.

Here we are, finally at the river, and the sun is shining now a little.  And look out over there.  Two Canada geese swimming calmly past.  I wonder why they are not with the rest of our local flock.  Too bad the sun wasn’t shining when we saw the deer.  Oh well. Guess we will continue with our walk another time.  This is getting a little long.  After all we need to tell of all the mushrooms we saw along the way.  And other things too.  I do hope you continue to enjoy your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


22 Comments on “Join Me For A Walk?

  1. So you said warmer weather in the next 3 days…. what’s “warmer weather” to you?

    It’s incredible how much nature and wildlife you see there!!!
    We have soooooooooooo many Canada geese here! It’s crazy!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Join you? Anytime, but my feet still painful😁, beautiful and fresh place to have a little walk done, bears is so beautiful and interesting animals, but dangerous too😁
    You are blessed to live in such beautiful place with a lot of lovely creatures around you, the pictures are so good☀️ 5little ducks went swimming one day, over the river and far away, this song, oh no, its happening again😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • He sure was nervous at first until I started talking to him. Just too bad it was such heavy cloud that day. Nice to get him though. Thanks for reading Stu!


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