Outdoor Benefits. Part 4.

Hello once again everyone!  Here we are with part 4 of our mini series on the benefits of spending time outdoors.  If you missed the first 3, you can find them here, part 1, part 2, part 3.  No matter where you live, getting outside on a regular, and preferably daily, basis is just plain good for your health, both mentally and physically.  And no matter what your age, from kids to older folks, you really should be spending some time outdoors daily.  It’s very important to teach kids this idea, because today way too many kids are spending their time indoors glued to a screen of some kind and that is just not healthy.IMG_3593

If you have children I would really encourage you to make sure they get some outdoor time each day.  Take them for walks.  If you have any nature trails in your area, take them on those once in a while.  Teach them the joys of being in nature.  We are fortunate here to have several nature trails.  And they are different lengths and skill levels so there is something for everyone.  The path I go walking on is one of those trails.  Children with ADHD have been known to concentrate better on tasks after a walk in the park.  That ‘green’ of the outdoor space is really what does it.IMG_3609

Did you know that being outdoors actually helps to set your sleeping cycle?  There are certain cells in our eyes that need to get enough daylight to make sure our body’s internal clock works properly.  And it’s the early morning sunlight that we need most.  I’m not just saying that because I’m a morning person, studies have shown this to be true as well.  So if you have problems with sleeping, try getting more of that early morning sunlight, it just might help.IMG_3610

Spending time outside can also help us to focus better and be more creative.  Are you having some problems and you just don’t know what to do?  Maybe as a blogger you are having a problem with what is called ‘writer’s block’?  Well, spend some time outdoors. Being in nature helps our brains to clear a bit so that a lot of thoughts get out of the way and we can better concentrate on the problem at hand.  Go for a walk in the park, or sit in that green space for a while.  It really does help our minds settle down and allows us to refocus a bit.  Obviously the more time we spend outside the better, but even a short time can help us to think more clearly and deal with those problems.IMG_3603

Well, in this mini series we have looked at some of the benefits of spending time outdoors and, of course, there is always this basic fact, it’s just fun.  I hope you have enjoyed this series and that you are having a wonderful day!  God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


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