Outdoor Benefits. Part 3.

Hi everyone on this very wet Tuesday!  Well, today we have part 3 of our mini series on the benefits of spending time outdoors.  Here is part 1 and part 2 if you happened to miss them and would like to check them out.  I strongly believe it is good for everyone to spend time outdoors.  Even if for health reasons you can’t exercise a lot, perhaps not at all, it is still good to spend time outside.  Just sitting outside, looking at the green grass, some flowers and the trees, can really make a person feel good.  It helps to clear your brain and just makes you feel better about everything.IMG_5058

Being outdoors helps you to get the vitamin D that our bodies need.  Vitamin D is important for our bones, blood cells and our immune system.  And, it also helps our body to absorb certain mineral such as calcium and phosphorus.  Our bodies need sunlight to make vitamin D, but it doesn’t really take that much.  Just 5 to 15 minutes of sun 3 times a week in the summer is usually sufficient.  In the winter, especially in northern climates such as where I live, it’s necessary to have more sunlight, or to take a vitamin D supplement.IMG_5078

Being outdoors isn’t only good for vitamin D production, but it also helps in other ways too.  There are many types of plants that put certain substances into the air, including some organic compounds called phytoncides.  These are a great help in boosting the function of our immune system.  Sunlight also helps to energize certain special cells in our immune system, called T cells, that help our body to fight infection.IMG_5072

Studies have proven that even having a simple plant in your room, or pictures of nature hanging on the walls, can make a person feel less worried, angry or stressed.  However, it’s even better if you leave that room and go outside.  Just being out and looking at nature around you, and it doesn’t have to be a forest, but just trees and green grass, will reduce our stress and make people feel less anxious and angry.  It really does work to change our mood.IMG_5082

Exercise is also good for reducing anxiety, stress and changing our mood as well.  But, it is much better to get that exercise outside, rather than being indoors.  Getting that sunlight along with the exercise helps to keep our serotonin levels up.  This in turn helps to raise our energy level and helps to keep us calm, better focused and more positive.  And being outdoors just helps people to feel better and happier as long as it’s an area with a green space or park or by water.

Well, I think that will be all for today.  Guess I will have one post in this mini series.  I hope all of you have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.



54 Comments on “Outdoor Benefits. Part 3.

  1. Those are some pretty complicated words you’re using these days there buddy! You almost lost me with the “phytoncides” hehehe☺ but you’re correct exercise outdoors is always better. Fresh air helps me sleep better! Nice post !☺👍😉🌞😼

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  2. Hello hello Steve, got a free minute to pop in, i can relate, green color, fresh air, being outside and having at least a little walk really healpful for mental health😊🤗, today is so hot again, but supportible, cant wait to go for a little walk this evening😊🤗i need my beautiful flowers and green little park🤗, sometimes happens, that i dont go out all day, specialy on Sunday, but at least i open few windows to get some sunlight and to change the air😊🤗🙂about few years ago i did big research about mental health, is not my thoughts, so i dont feel like i have the right to post it, but if you want i can send it to you later😚🤗🙂

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    • Hey, hey Ilona, nice to see you here this morning! There’s nothing like being outdoors to help us both mentally and physically. Especially being in a place that has lots of green, trees, plants, flowers. It always makes us to feel better. In summer I am outside every day unless it’s raining, because in winter I am inside nearly all the time. One reason why I like feeding birds, it gets me outside during the day even if only for a few minutes, but it’s good to get that fresh air even when it’s terribly cold! I hope your day is going great!!😃😺🌞🌴That nice hot weather again!😂🏖🏝


  3. Hey Steve! Outdoor benefits are things to always remember. As u rightly said it just not helps bone and vitamin D the nature is the stress reliefing agent nature is around us and with all the healing benefits in it, and exercise is always a key to stay young and healthy and it keeps off from dieseases stress and depression. Sad lot of human mammals destroying nature for money sake. Wonderful post and pictures as well..

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    • Thank you so much Simon and you are very right! There are a lot of healing benefits in nature and it’s sad to see so much being destroyed. And there needs to be more parks and green spaces in cities too so they are easily accessible to everyone. Thanks again Simon, enjoy your evening!😃😺🌞🌲🌼

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  5. That is so right, it does help to just escape to the park at lunchtime to recharge at least a bit. My real escape in London is to Kew Gardens where I am a member and can go as many times I like with my yearly ticket. That really feels like holidays and definitely recharges me. I take a book sit in the midst of trees or bushes and read. Bliss!

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  6. Now that I have read all three of the series 😊 I concur. The benefits of being outdoors alone is awesome. Along with the health benefits it’s the sights and sounds that change my mood. Hearing the squirrels and birds…ahhhh

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    • Yes indeed, I really think that spending time outdoors is a very important thing. And it doesn’t take a country setting, going to a park or just being out in the yard can do a lot for us. And it certainly can change our mood easily and for the better. Thanks for reading Stu, have a great evening!😃😺

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