Rain Keeps Coming…A Fun Poem.

Hi everyone!  I do love a nice rain.  The soft dropping on the roof or window.  The fresh smell after a rain.  But…this fall we have been getting an abundance of rain, much more than normal.  I mean, it rains nearly every day.  So, with that came another poem about rain.  This one in a comical tone.  I admit, not one of my better creations, but, enjoy!


I love the sound of falling rain,

It leaves a smell so fresh and sweet.

I find it calming for my brain,

But it always gives me wet feet.

Having a nice summer shower,

To give cooling on a hot day,

Reviving each lovely flower,

And getting my feet wet alway.

We know that having rain is good,

Keeping trees and plants growing green.

But with wet feet I really could

Begin to cry, know what I mean?

I love the rain, but like a dream

I wish it stops, before I scream!

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


69 Comments on “Rain Keeps Coming…A Fun Poem.

    • Thank you so much for reading my little poem Ribana! Nice to find someone else who likes the rain. But constantly getting wet feet whenever I go out is getting to be a bit much!😁😂🌧


  1. Good morning Steve, and here in Nice we a huge rain right now, my morning started with grey clouds, sunder and powerful rain, i’m 15min away from my work, but i couldn’t find umbrella, so had to take a car, happens😂
    But rain needed and after the rain the air seems becomes much better around, feels fresh and new, i like to stay home and its raining under a puffy cover with some warm tea and maybe a book or good movie.
    I love that sound too, fresh smell is like beginning of something new, calming, i even can sleep so deeply when it rains, wet feet not a good thing, shower needed sometimes😂
    Rain is refreshing for all the flowers, trees and greens, it wash all the dust and flowers can breath again💙 Steve, dont worry, x man soon, i will send you special boots for rain, dont cry😂what is your feet size?😂

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    • Good morning Ilona! Afternoon for you! We had rain all night again.😕🌧 Yes, rain is a good thing but right now we need a bit of sunshine to help dry things out. A little too much rain for us. If this keeps up we won’t be able to enjoy the nice fall colors!🍁🍂 Every time I go outside now I get wet feet. Even my walking path, for several meters it is underwater, about 15 cm deep and there is no way to walk around it! 😲
      You’re laughing at me again!😂😹
      But it’s true, the rain is good for all the plants, although plants here are not growing anymore, just dying off for another year.😭 I hope you have a wonderful day Ilona, thanks for stopping by to read my little poem!😁😉😸


      • As i always say not at you, with you😋😂💜💛💚, still raining here, after all these hot days, good to have some rain💆‍♀️😉🖤, i hope, that the sun will come soon, so you could dry your feet finally🙄💛, pleasure to stop and to take my time when i can, hopefully soon i will be able to read slowly without any distraction and to comment properly😊🙋‍♀️

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      • Hey, it’s raining a long time for you. Yes, after hot weather some rain feels good and makes things so nice a fresh again.😃🌳 We won’t be seeing the sun again until Saturday,😕 but hopefully the forecast is wrong. I looking forward to some sunny dry weather before winter so I can get more pics.😁🌞📷


  2. Oh wow, this is great. It felt like I was there.
    I like rain, but now I hope it will stop here I live… it is enough…
    I like the sunny weather in September, it is really beautiful.
    I hope you are well.
    Have a nice day.

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    • Hi Lillian, thanks so much for stopping by to read this today! You’re getting lots of rain too? Yes, it’s nice to get the sun in September to see all the fabulous colors!
      I am in a lot of pain these days after my fall, otherwise doing good. Hope everything is going well with you, have a wonderful day Lillian!!😁😸🌞🍁🍂

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  3. Hey Steve! That was a lovely poem..✨😃 Wish it stops before i scream…ha ha ha lovely.. ☺️☺️ It does sound rains are cool, its cool indeed. But tell you what, we wil stick with hot summer ☺️ We love that isnt it 😉

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