Sunday’s Pictures #7.

Good morning on this beautiful Sunday!  As usual we shall continue with our picture post for Sunday and with the bird theme once again this week.  I apologize ahead of time, I won’t be able to respond to any of your comments until sometime this afternoon.  At 7 am, our local time, we will be losing out electricity right across town for at least 6 hours.  That means no internet for me until that electricity comes back on.  They are doing some major upgrades to our hydro system here so need to have things shut down completely.  I’m glad it’s not going to be a really cold day.

Now to pictures.  And we will start with the white-throated sparrow which is around right now in larger numbers as they wait to head south.IMG_3125

Next we will have the male evening grosbeak, a bird that stays here year round and can really brighten up the winter.IMG_3317

Then we have the white pelican down on the river.  These birds have all gone south now.IMG_4632

And lastly we have the female merganser swimming along on the river looking for lunch as she goes.IMG_4664

Okay, I decided to toss in one more, a broad winged hawk.  I have shown other pictures of this one before, they have all long ago headed south.IMG_5453

Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s selection of bird pics.  Enjoy your Sunday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

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