Breakfast Fun! I Think.

Good morning everyone!  I like mornings, but you all know that anyway.  However, some mornings start off, well, rather odd.  You know, when things just kind of don’t go quite the way we think it should.  I would like to share such a morning with you.  It wasn’t this morning.  But was a while back.  And everything I will mention actually did happen.  Even though it might seem impossible.  But with me, anything can happen.  And often does.  So, let’s take a look at one of Steve’s mornings.

Early autumn morning at the park.

I decided to have eggs for breakfast.  I do like eggs and toast for breakfast.  Along with coffee of course.  I’m talking fried eggs here, maybe not the most healthy, but they taste good.  I have since switched to poached eggs.  Anyway, I broke open the first egg.  For some reason I hit the egg much too hard.  It kind of went everywhere.  Mostly on my foot. Had to stop and change socks.  I decided not to have eggs since there was only one left.  And I wanted two eggs.  Sigh.

More early autumn morning at the park.

I decided to have oatmeal instead.  Hadn’t had that for a while.  And I like oatmeal.  No problems cooking it, I have done it so many times.  But my stove is on one side of the kitchen and the bowl I was going to use was on the other side.  Smart thing to do would be to bring the bowl to the oatmeal on the stove.  I chose to take the hot pot of oatmeal to the bowl.  Not smart.  For some reason the pot slipped.  I tried to catch it and that just made things worse.  Splat!  Oatmeal on the floor.  And my foot.  Had to change socks again.  Sigh.

Autumn sunshine at an empty park.

Decided to have toast for breakfast.  Can’t go wrong with that.  Decided to put peanut butter on my toast.  That was a mistake.  Dropped the knife, full of peanut butter.  But, it missed my foot.  Steve does happy dance.  There is now peanut butter on the floor.  But I didn’t step in it.  I know that’s what you were thinking.  Anyway, I left it there to clean up later because I didn’t want my toast to get cold.  Toast and coffee, a good breakfast.  Not what I was expecting, but, good anyway.  I went back in the kitchen for more coffee.  Yep.  Stepped right on that blob of peanut butter.  Sigh.  Had to change my socks.  Again.  And people wonder why I have so many socks.

Bright Iceland poppy for this cloudy and very wet morning.

I went into the bedroom after breakfast and saw a fluff on the comforter.  I pulled it off.  Not a good idea.  The fluff was attached to a thread.  Which opened a hole in the comforter.  And a bunch of the white stuffing stuff came out.  Hmm.  Decided to sew it up before it got worse.  Dropped the needle on the floor.  Couldn’t see it anywhere.  Apparently it landed sticking straight up, which made it hard to see.  I thought it went under the bed.  Took one step.  Found the needle.  By stepping on it.  Went in quite deep too.  Amazing how much blood can come out of such a small hole.  Got quite a bit of blood on my sock.  Had to change socks.  Again.

At this point I lay down and started laughing until I got a sore stomach!   That’s enough for today.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

55 Comments on “Breakfast Fun! I Think.

  1. The description of your breakfast is a chronicle of the most fun. Surely you will have a special closet for your socks and at Christmas you will ask for it as the first gift. The photos are great. Regards.

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  2. 👉Moral of the story: skip breakfast, because breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day after all.
    👉Steve’s moral of the story: Buy more socks, floor cleaner, and Bandaids.
    👉Reminds me of the song: white socks they always get dirty, the longer you wear them the dirtier they get. 🎶 sometimes I think I should wash them but something keeps telling me no no not yet.🎵

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading Hilary and the great comment! But…I have to disagree about breakfast, it is the most important meal, but should be a good satisfying meal, not just a bowl of cereal, which I do too often!😀🙄 Without breakfast I lack energy and get lazy the rest of the day. I need that boost of energy and I always recommend it! Sorry about that.😂😂
      Yes, lots of socks always! At least my kitchen floor stays very clean, I have to wash it so often!😂😹Muffin usually tries to help with that, unless it’s something she doesn’t like.😼
      Have a great day Hilary!!😃😺🍁🍂

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      • Timon got into the raw chicken in the fridge last night and we found the scraps in the living room this morning. Yuck. I kinda lost my appetite this morning. Usually, I don’t eat until 11am on most days, so is this considered breakfast or brunch? I usually eat 2 meals a day since I’m a grazer by nature. I clean my floor often too and use a lot of floor cleaner. It smells nice so I don’t mind using it so often! 😊💕

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      • Wow, he has learned how to open the fridge? I hope Muffin doesn’t learn that one. Doubtful though, she doesn’t like it cold either, just like me!😄😸🌞🌴
        Hmm, guess that would be brunch. 🤔🙂
        True, it does smell nice using it. Though I would prefer not cleaning my floor quite so often sometimes!😂😹

        Liked by 1 person

      • The fridge door wasn’t properly closed last night so that’s how he got into it…. not sure who left the door open but it wasn’t me! 🙄🤷‍♀️

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