Black Bear…A Poem.

Hi everyone!  I have had frequent encounters with black bears over the years, some very close encounters, a little too close.  The picture used above isn’t the best of a black bear.  I chased him around the little back yard here trying to get him to turn around, but it didn’t work.  He’s only a small bear, perhaps 150 lbs.  A side note, stay away from bears, even small bears can be dangerous.  The picture is from last year.  Anyway, I realized that I have never written a poem about bears before.  So, here goes with my first attempt.  I hope you will enjoy.

Black Bear

Looking in the window at me,

A great big head, black and furry.

Something like that sure gives a fright,

Really it can, if day or night.

But when I go outside and see,

A big black bear looking at me,

Something like that can cause a scare,

And maybe give a bad nightmare!

Then quickly I do get away,

With that bear it’s not good to stay.

But when I’m safe, I like to see

These big black bears, alive and free.

Amazing animals, yes they are,

But best to view them from afar.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


44 Comments on “Black Bear…A Poem.

  1. Lovely poem! Bears are beautiful but definitely dangerous. I hope I never get to find out! I’ve only seen one here in our area. It was within the city limits! Not right in town, but close. On the side of the road/just inside someone’s yard. Thank goodness I was in a vehicle. I think it may have passed on through our town or might have been relocated? I don’t really know…A very rare sight here though!

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    • Thanks so much Renee! Here bears are right in town all the time. Restaurants and hotels always have signs up warning people about bears coming around, especially in evenings. But they can come around any time of day in the fall, always looking for food. That picture of mine was at 2 pm. Have a great day!😃😺🍁🍂🐻


  2. ✍️Hey Steve! indeed… it’s best to stay far from beer … They are beautiful cute and fluffy but no definitely not a pet animal to fall in love😉.. Nice poem steve✨✍️

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  3. I have never seen bears where I live but I have see monkeys of the smaller size while visiting the equatorial country of Malaysia …Monkeys live in the places close to the equator usually …I have seen a camal in person while visting United Arab Emirates …

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  4. Hey I like your poem. It’s sweet and rhythmic. And of course you are right. Bears can be dangerous and I can’t believe you chased it around and were close to one. I had heard a news when a black bear had attacked and maybe eaten a person. That’s why your last line makes all the sense. Btw, I am back after a long long time. I hope you are well!😊

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    • Hey Ramyani! Nice to see you back again!! Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed my poem. Yes, a lady here was killed by a bear trying to chase it out of her yard. And it wasn’t a large bear, so they are dangerous and best to stay far away from them. After more than 2 weeks I’m still in a lot of pain, but improving every day. I hope you have a wonderful evening! Thanks for stopping by!😃😺🐻

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  5. Good afternoon, omg finally, he doesnt look as big as you have told me, or is other one? he look so cute and i want to hug me, i’m not sure he would like it😂
    Great poem Steve, should be scary to him at your window, close the curtains😂
    He looking at you and you are looking at him😂run Steve run and dont look back😂
    Nightmare indeed i can’t believe, i was thinking to hug him😂

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    • Hi Ilona! I rescued your comment from spam. That little bear is not the big one that comes around, this little one is kind of cute, but still very dangerous.😬 A woman here was killed by a bear recently when she tried to chase it out of her yard.😲😳🐻 It’s best to stay away from them, not like me chasing it around to get a picture!😂📷😲🐻They look cute to hug, but not a good idea to try!😂🐻😳

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      • Glad you got my comment after all, i see steve, i hope you are feeling better today, stay away form the bears💚

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      • Feeling a little better but still walking very slow. I just hope I don’t meet a bear on my walk, that would be scary! I will be heading out for my walk soon.😁🌞🚶‍♂️🐻


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