My Human Is Hard To Believe Sometimes.

Hi everyone!  I’m back again with another post.   Sometimes it’s hard to get my human’s attention that I want to write something and when to write it.  He just keeps going to my food dish and offering me more food.  Sigh.  Just amazing.  I’m sure that all cats, and even dogs, have problems with their humans.  Sometimes I just have to shake my head in unbelief at what goes on here.  I mean, my human does some strange things.  I just hope no one actually sees him doing these things.  I might have to hide under the bed.

Anyway, here we go again.  My human loves to feed all the critters that come around here, whether they are big or small.  I like those big, long-legged dogs with the big ears.  I still don’t know how they survive the cold with those skinny legs they have.   And sometimes they have horns coming out of their heads.  They really are funny looking.  But they are also nice and friendly, so I enjoy when they come around.  I think my human calls them deer.  Odd name.  But for some reason my human won’t let them come inside and play with me.  I know it would be a lot of fun.  I can just see us running and jumping all over the place.  My human would be holding his hair and doing his cute happy dance!

It would be so much fun.  But my human doesn’t seem to agree.  Every time I ask he goes and gets me more food.  I think he’s trying to turn me into an elephant or something.  Always trying to feed me.  No matter what I ask for.  Very strange behavior, even for a human.   Then there are the birds.  Some are big and scary looking, like the raven.  Some are small and just right for inviting in for dinner.  My human feeds them a lot so they get nice and fat.  But, he never brings them inside for dinner.  He even has them land on his arms, his head, his shoulders, and, get this, right on his hand!nuthatch and me

But he never tries to catch them for us!  Can you believe that?  They are right on his hand!  Sigh.  He would never make a good cat.  Sometimes it can be embarrassing.  Then there are the chipmunks, they are definitely my favorite.  And, my human feeds them all summer long, with peanuts!  They get so nice and fat looking.  And they will crawl all over my human, sit on his lap, and even go inside his pockets, BUT, he never, never tries to catch them!  It would be so easy to trap them once they are in his pocket.  But no, he just lets them crawl out and run away.  It is just so hard to believe.skamper with peanut Oh well.  I do like him anyway.  Even if he is a bit strange and doesn’t understand plain simple meowing.  Sigh.  We do have fun together though!  Especially with Skiffleball!  Wheehee!  Until next time, enjoy your week!

Muffin, as meowed to Steve.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

47 Comments on “My Human Is Hard To Believe Sometimes.

  1. Hey Muffin! That was quiet an interesting thoughts about your hooman meow😁 Loved your cute meow… he is indeed trying to make you look cute and healthy.. He is the one loving & most caring of all.. take good care of him as he do….✍️🤗 Hey Steve! that was awesome ✨👌✍️

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    • Muffin meows her thanks and appreciation for reading her post today!😸😻🐱 She says she tries to look after me but it’s not easy.😹 Thanks so much Simon!!😀😸🍁🍂

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  2. Muffin, it sounds like your human is in need of a little training at Cat Obedience School! Maybe he could even learn to catch and keep those critters so you would have someone to torment…errr…. play with?!! And who lets those long-legged dogs go free anyways?!🤷🏼‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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  3. Humans are really difficult creatures, they think to much, they annoy the cats to much and they still dont understand what the cat wants😂

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