A Lovely Day For A Walk. Part 2.

Hello again everyone!  And welcome to part 2 of our little forest walk.  I hope you are enjoying your coffee/tea right here by the river.  The sun is shining nicely so it feels quite warm.  And Sheree brought some delicious chocolate chip shortbread cookies along today.  I could easily eat a dozen of these myself!  But I won’t.  I’ll be nice and make sure that everybody gets to try them.  That’s such a beautiful picture right before us, don’t you agree?IMG_9428

Oh, look off into the trees over there.  A deer is enjoying her lunch as well and doesn’t seem to be much concerned about us here today.  It is such a joy to get so close to wildlife like this.  Mostly deer won’t be a problem unless they feel threatened in some way.IMG_8799

See over here on this fallen tree?  Another variety of bright orange mushrooms.  I have only seen them on rotting logs.  But they look so nice, even on a cloudy day they look bright and cheerful.IMG_9055

And over there not far from where we are sitting, see that little clump?  That is some crown coral fungus.  Apparently it is edible but tastes best when fresh.  Perhaps so, but it doesn’t really look too appetizing somehow.  So I think I will pass on that one.IMG_8772

As we continue our walk there is something else we missed on the way down.  That’s a club fungus in a nice bright yellow.  We have a lot of club fungus in an off white or beige color, thousands in one spot I found.  But these bright yellow ones I have only seen right here, and there is only ten.  A very nice find indeed.  These are not good to eat.IMG_9326

The path along here is so nice with the sun shining and the tall pines.  The largest pine in this picture is a red pine and is 22 inches (55cm) in diameter.  A nice tree for sure.  The white pines get much bigger though.  But around here it’s hard to find any trees that are more than 12 inches (30cm) in diameter due to all the logging that took place here more than a hundred years ago.  In this cold climate it takes time to grow a large tree.IMG_9696

Now that we are in the clearing, look at all the butterflies.  These are painted lady butterflies that have flocked together and are on their way to a warmer place as well.  Smart.  Why stay when you can fly away?IMG_9574

Well, here we are, back once again.  Thank you so much for joining me today on this beautiful forest path.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  It’s always so nice to have someone along to share in these little joys.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© Steve McLeod.



34 Comments on “A Lovely Day For A Walk. Part 2.

  1. When we visited Malaysia back in 2016 , we saw very tall trees in the rainforests like 40 or 50 meters ( 150 feet ) rall due to the equatorial hot and rainy weather …
    The place is called Taman Negara or the national park in Malaysia…
    Very wide area and in some areas , they plant palm trees for oil production…

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    • Thanks for stopping by today Wael!! Some trees do get tall, our white pines often get over 200 feet tall (up to 70 meters). Most of our trees are only 80 to 100 feet, though red pines can get up to 130 feet. But the white pine is our tallest by far. Palm trees could never survive here. Have a great day!

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  2. Yes, it’s a beautiful scenery. But the crown coral fungus, looked appetizing to me. But that’s probably because I like seaweed dishes even raw like “Lato seaweed”

    oh and are those the butterflies you mentioned?

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  3. Ahhhh….this was a relaxing walk! Loved it! The water was beautiful! But the deer and the butterflies were the highlight of the walk! Those mushrooms
    And fungus were interesting. Don’t think I’m hungry for any of that, but Sheree’s cookies were the bomb! 😁

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    • Thanks Renee for joining our walk today! You don’t like eating fungus? Mushrooms are a favorite of mine, but we have several poisonous varieties here so a person needs to be careful. But get the right ones and wild mushrooms are so good!! Yes, Sheree always comes up with some delicious baking for our coffee times! I can taste it even thousands of miles away!😋😋😋😀😀😺😺


  4. Hi Steve! Another beautiful journey. The pictures are so beautiful. These mushrooms are completely different, and those fungus are eatables 🤔 I should probably ask Ribanna how to cook that 😉 Oh those beautiful butterflies. 🥰.. Thats a beautiful post Steve! Enjoyed reading it..

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    • Thanks for once again joining on the walk Simon! Forgot to mention last time, I did work for our Canadian Wildlife Service studying birds, also the National Audubon Society. So I learned a lot about birds, other animals and plants, except mushrooms!😂🍄Thanks so much Simon, have a great week!😃😺

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