Sunday’s Pictures #9.

Hello everyone on this autumn Sunday!  And here we are with another group of bird pictures which will end this month’s theme.  I hope you will enjoy today’s selection. Just looking at these bright and cheerful birds helps to bring some sunshine to this cool and rainy day.  I hope it does for you as well, even if it is sunny where you live.  Let’s start with a male robin.IMG_5778

Then we will follow up with another look at some almost half grown Canada geese.IMG_5371

This next one may not be a very exciting bird, but it is quite colorful nonetheless.  This is the common grackle.IMG_0702

And I just couldn’t end our look at birds without including a picture of my all time favorite sparrow and also our largest, the fox sparrow.IMG_2626

And ending with another look at the immature red-shouldered hawk, who happened to be looking straight at me.  Probably wondering why I was taking so many pictures of him. Or her.IMG_7329

Okay, one more, a female mallard in some long grass along my forest path.IMG_5906

Well, I hope you all enjoyed today’s selection of birds.  Next week we will start something different for our Sunday’s pictures.  I hope you all enjoy your Sunday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

22 Comments on “Sunday’s Pictures #9.

    • They really are a beautifully colored bird, some have blue heads, some purple, same species though. Thanks for stopping by Kevin! Hope you have a great week ahead!😃😺🌞


    • Thank you so much Simon! Both those birds are the same size. Grackles are very beautiful when seen in the sun, some have blue heads, some purple, but they are the same species. Both of these birds will help protect smaller birds from predators. Hope you have had a great day!😃😺📷

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