Autumn’s Beauty…A Poem.

Autumn’s Beauty

This forest path, oh what beauty,

Such quietness, just right for me.

Autumn’s colors are such a treat,

Chickadees sing their song so sweet.

Above, an eagle soars so high,

Little sandpiper runs right by.

A lonely gull stands on the rock,

All of this wonder on my walk.

A hawk sitting high in a tree,

As I walk past he watches me.

The sun does shine along the shore,

Such beauty to share and much more.

I like to walk along this way,

See autumn’s beauty every day.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

29 Comments on “Autumn’s Beauty…A Poem.


    Inspired by the blog of Steve with the help of God ,

    Enjoy with sunshine all the way ,
    The sun light with each and every ray ,
    It Is a treasure of life , the least to say ,
    For livelihood to remain  okay ,
    Sun has the power to grow the trees ,
    Reminding you to thank and say ,
    Praise God each and  every day, 
    You feed your  body and make a hay ,
    And harvest the crops without delay ,
    For you , the sun  could  warmly pray  ,
    ,plant the seeds in April  and May ,
    You lend your work to nature ,
    And  nature  always  you would repay ,
    Blessing your labour and by  you stand and stay .
    The sun may seem to set and go away  ,
    To come  back and freely give in  every way ,
    Every day  every ray ,
    And stars with us would stay ,
    To lighten up the night  and they shall God obey , …

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  3. Except you’re going farther away from the heat. Summer is over and there a long cold time ahead… Sorry for ruining it Steve 😂 I love the poem I just couldn’t help commenting “rudely” after reading the last two lines 😀

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    • Hey, that’s not nice!😂😲Yes, that white season is close at hand, we have had some snow flurries already but it melted right away. In western Canada they had a lot of snow, anywhere from 25cm to 95cm!😲😲 Glad that storm missed us, which is unusual. But we have 2 nice days coming up, before heading into some cold and perhaps some snow by the end of the week.🥶 Thanks so much for reading Jessica! Have a nice Sunday!!😃😺🌞🍁🍂

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