Autumn Adventures With Dad, Part 2D.

Hello once again everyone!  Let’s get right into our next look about our wild adventures.  Remember, we were having our coffee time on a sunny hill to try and dry out from the previous part of this adventure.  Too bad we have to go back down there, I said.  Down there?, dad questioned, why would we do that?  No other way except to follow the tracks, I said, is your memory getting bad?

Colors are finally starting to show along the river.

The trains have already gone by, said dad, there won’t be anymore for a couple of hours, so we have lots of time to get across there.  Hmm, he did have a point.  That would make things easier, I said.  Naturally, said dad.  Before we head back, toss me a couple cookies, said dad.  Notice he said ‘toss’.  So I picked up 4 cookies and tossed them.  The look on dad’s face again.  Amazing.  It’s also amazing how far apart those 4 cookies spread out as they flew through the air.  Considering all the arm waving dad did you would think he could catch at least one cookie.  Missed them all.

Similar to the area beside the old beaver pond.

They landed somewhere in the long grass behind dad.  He wanted me to look for them.  Why, asked I, you missed them, not me.  You shouldn’t have tossed all 4 at the same time, he said.  Off I went.  Crunch.  Found one.  Under my foot, I said.  One landed in some mud, maybe you could wash it off with some coffee.  Dad just looked.  Crunch.  Oops. Found another one, only 4 pieces this time though.  Forget it, said dad.  What are you looking for?, I asked.  More cookies, there was a dozen, he said.  I ate the others, I said.  Dad just looked, then said, 8 cookies.  He sat down.

Once we got closer to our coffee spot, the area looked much like this.

Guess we should go, he said.  Down the tracks we walked.  This is much easier, I said.  Dad didn’t say anything except, 8 cookies.  Strange.  We were well passed the half way point when…a train came around the curve ahead of us.  And on our track.  It should have been on the other track.  We ran over to the other track and dad continued over the side, so I joined him.  Another train, I thought.  We both went sliding down the embankment.  Fast.  Dad got ahead of me, guess because he was heavier.  Dad yelled.  He slid right over a wild rose bush.  By that time he was on his stomach.  Not sure why he turned over.

This is like the area we crashed into the second time down that embankment.

Crash!  Into the bushes at the bottom went dad.  I landed on dad.  Well, my foot landed on his head.  Knocked his glasses off again.  Watch out for your glasses, I said, you lost them again.  Bonehead!  Good, he’s still enjoying himself.  But now he’s dizzy.  That’s bad.  Why did you jump over the edge, I asked, there was only one train.  I slipped, was all he said.  We must have sat there an hour before dad could even move again.  Even then I had to help him walk for a while.  He used to have a real problem with dizziness, could last a long time.  But about half way back to the car he seemed to be okay again.IMG_9592

You should be more careful, I said.  I should have stayed home, he said.  Good thing I’m here to help though, I said.  Yeah, if you weren’t here I would never get hurt, he said.  Not sure what he meant by that.  Must have been the dizziness still.  But we did make it back to the car and home again without further complications.   Dad said that was amazing.  Strange thing to say.

I hope you enjoyed this rather long adventure.  And different adventures will be coming soon.  Perhaps camping or fishing next time.  Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (she will be back with another adventure of her own next week)

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


17 Comments on “Autumn Adventures With Dad, Part 2D.

  1. Man . A friendly advice if you try what you can to help your dad if he gets dizzy. Try to take him to physician and a nutrition . See what really helps …
    Take care …
    Blessings …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much Ilona for reading today, I very much appreciate it! That is a possibility that I have been considering. Have a great day Ilona!😁😸🌞🍁🍂


  2. Ha ha ha 😄😄😄 Your posts never failed to bring that smile and that awkward laugh😂😂😂 . so much fun reading both of you again.Enjoyed all the parts. The way you deliver it is so good Steve😄. Eagerly waiting for next part☺️. Wish you an awesome Tuesday✨🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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