Sunday’s Pictures #10.

Good morning to all of my readers on this cloudy, wet Sunday morning.  We need some nice bright colors for these kinds of days up here, so I thought we would take a look at some of the butterfly pictures I have picked up.  We don’t have many butterflies around here anymore.  Perhaps it’s the fact we are getting colder up here every year.  And they don’t usually like to sit still which makes it a challenge to get a good picture of them.  But, here we go.IMG_4603

Nice and bright, but not sure of the species for this one above.IMG_5560

This one above is a fritillary, feeding on a daisy.IMG_7505

The one above is a mourning cloak, soaking up the sun on an old log.IMG_9575

And above is another look at the painted lady butterfly, feeding on some asters.

Well, that’s it to start off our October Sunday’s Pictures, I hope you have enjoyed them.  Have a wonderful Sunday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

32 Comments on “Sunday’s Pictures #10.

  1. Few butterflies…very few birds here. There is a reason and it doesn’t have anything to do with temps. Its the toxic stuff they are spraying in in the sky above us.

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    • Yes, that can affect things, especially insects, so does cold, butterflies need warmth to thrive. We have lots of birds in our area, though not right now of course since they have gone to warmer places until spring. We only have a few species that stay all winter, this is a harsh climate to live in. Thanks for stopping by today!😃😺🍁🍂🌧

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  2. Aww. I love these pictures and I love butterflies. They have a strong resemblance to my life and behind my blog.
    Almost like the verse, “I’ll give you beauty for ashes.”

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    • Hi Tiffany, thanks for stopping by! Yes, butterflies are a good picture for that verse indeed. I’m glad that you enjoyed them.😃 I wish I had more pics of different species of butterflies, but they just don’t like to cooperate!😂📷🦋Have a wonderful Sunday Tiffany!😁😸🍁🍂

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      • 😆 I understand. Maybe they got scared. Sometimes I think animals in nature don’t like to go near any humans. Some humans can be a bit cruel to them. 😔
        I wish I could even get close to take a picture of just one. They usually just fly around me. These pictures are beautiful.

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      • I have the same problem with butterflies just flying around me and not sitting long enough or close enough for a picture. It took a lot of tries to get these. Now they are gone until next spring unfortunately. Animals have a definite fear of people so it can take time to win their trust. For some reason my voice seems to calm them quite readily.😀📷

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  3. Butterflies bring a sense of peace to nature’s journey. They arrive, almost silently and without acclaim, and they add so much intricate beauty to the world around us. Great photos Steve!

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  4. The only butterfly that I have seen around here is the Monarch…so pretty…and your photos are spectacular !

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  5. It’s interesting how you devoted this blog post to butterflies on a day like today. I saw a monarch butterfly on the desktop background this morning (the photos are different every day). I thought of my grandmother when I saw that butterfly, since she loved butterflies.🦋

    Now, seeing your blog post confirms that she is here with me in spirit today. Her funeral was today but I couldn’t fly to Ontario this weekend.


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    • Sorry you were not able to attend the funeral Hilary. Glad you liked the butterflies, it was actually a last minute decision. Butterflies are amazing creatures, so delicate yet able to fly in a strong wind to get to where they want to be.🦋 Determination and persistence in the face of obstacles. 🦋Hope you have a wonderful week Hilary.😃🌞🍁🍂 Any snow left out there?🤔


  6. Beautiful photos! We haven’t seen butterflies in a while but we are seeing more birds. In fact, two tiny brown birds were on our balcony playing in a potted plant. I think they were wrens. It finally cooled off here so maybe we will see more bird activity! ☕️ Happy Monday!

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    • We are getting our last 2 days of warm sunny weather, before heading back to cold and rain and snow by the weekend. Sounds like wrens alright. Our summer birds are nearly gone and the winter birds have not yet arrived, so not much activity for us right now. I did actually see a butterfly today, couldn’t believe it, don’t know what kind it was though. Happy Monday to you also!😃🌞😺🍁🍂


  7. I see so you finally get them to understand you 😂 But when it’s hard to get the shot that’s what make the challenge better, when you get a good shot ❤

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  8. Wow Steve☺️✍️These are beautiful. Lost my eyes to their beauty😍😍😍. I miss these butterflies around us. when i was a kid there use to be lot of butterflies. and now i see none. As you said maybe the climate change is a reason. Losing the beauty of nature. wish i could restore😊🙂✨✍️

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    • There is definitely not as many butterflies around now, used to see so many. Actually saw one today, but he wouldn’t sit still long enough to get a picture!😂📷🦋 Yep, just getting too cold for them. Plus all the toxic sprays being used.😬 Losing the beauty of nature for sure, terrible thing. Have a great Wednesday Simon!😃😺

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