Stillness…A Poem.


From the lake the mist is rising,

It’s autumn, so not surprising.

The water’s like a mirror now,

The morning’s beauty gives a wow!

A little duck swims slowly by,

She looks my way and quacks a ‘hi’.

Such tiny ripples does she make,

Now spreading out across the lake.

Golden leaves glowing in the sun,

Wondrous beauty for everyone.

Water reflects this awesome scene,

Amazing splendor, I do mean.

Viewing all this gives such a thrill,

While sitting here, so calm, so still.

Β© 2019 Steve McLeod.

37 Comments on “Stillness…A Poem.

  1. Yes , by you being you , you add val-ue …
    That is true …
    The ship heading forward joyfully with the crew , …
    The dreams are now here with nothing to pursue , ( you already have them energetically ) …

    Faith is so strong and
    the ocean is blue …
    Expanding together, awareness grew ,
    Yes , Eckhart Tolle , we have got a new earth too ,
    To a new conscious levelΒ  , our minds flew ,
    Jumping higher in degrees like a Kangaroo, …
    Question starts with a Q,
    Answers are here to view ,
    In your awareness to review ,
    Enlightened members are not only a few ,
    But growing in numbers for real and the timing isΒ  ready and due ,

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  2. Everyone is mentioning something related to autumn or full season in their posts…that’s beautiful to read…
    This one was wonderful…perfect rhyme!!

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  3. Love the pic of the lake so still ! It would be fun to sit on the rocks with hot coffee and cinnamon buns…viewing all the beauty made by Almighty God !

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    • Actually it was part of the river, before the high water came. Yes, a perfect spot for coffee and today would be so nice with the sun shining. Don’t think I could make it though. The first part of the path is the hardest right now because of all the water from the rain.πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜¬


  4. Jealous of you Steve, if teleport is real i’ll be there sitting next to you while you writing this beautiful poemβœ¨πŸ™‚βœοΈ This is awesome.. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ₯°

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