Smile Today!

Hello on this beautiful sunny autumn morning in October!  We have enjoyed 2 lovely days here in the north, though for most of you it probably sounds cold still.  But on Monday it was 15C (59F), and yesterday it was 18C (about 64.5F).  And the sun was shining both days, just absolutely beautiful.  Especially after all the cold and rain we have had lately.  And there is a lot more cold and rain coming, starting later today actually.  A lot of rain.  That will raise the lake level and river level a lot as well.  But it is so nice to see that sun shining again.  Just adds such an amazing brightness and cheerfulness to the day.

Across the street from where I live.

It would have been so nice to get out and walk down to the river on those sunny days.  But if I managed to walk down there, I probably would have fallen into the river!  Just one of those things that happens sometimes.  I’m just in too much pain for that kind of walking right now.  You know, it would be easy to sit around, grumble and complain about not being able to get out walking in such nice weather. 😠 But why?🤔  It doesn’t do any good.  Certainly won’t help anything, just make me feel worse.  That’s no good.

Same as above.

It’s better to just enjoy the beautiful sunshine.  I can still get outside, sit on my deck and enjoy all the birds coming by for peanuts.  Instead of grumbling, put on a smile and enjoy the day!  That’s always the best way to do things.  A smile and a good attitude will always make grumbling take off and run away.  Works the same with worries too.

At the park we were at yesterday.

There are 3 raccoons that come around now, and all 3 decided to go on the bird feeder at the same time Friday night.  Not a good idea, it’s made for light weight birds, not fat raccoons.  So it broke.  It was raining on the weekend so I couldn’t fix it.  But a nice sunny Monday was the perfect day to get that done, and it’s better than before.  And I was outside enjoying that sunshine at the same time.  Perfect.  Much better than sitting inside grumbling.  Do what you can to enjoy the beautiful weather, with a smile.😃

Also from the park yesterday.

Speaking of chipmunks.  Mine seem to have gone off to their little homes for the winter.  Smart little critters.  Spend the winter in their warm homes eating and sleeping.  Sleeping and eating.  Not so bad.  Although it wouldn’t be so good for people to do that. Still, it sounds a lot better than freezing my face off during the winter!🥶😂

Oh well, it’s still nice and mild this morning.  Hard to believe we are looking at some snow coming later this week.  But that’s autumn.  Hard to predict, quick changing weather.  Always been that way.  But the sun is still shining, no matter what the weather. So greet each day with a nice smile and watch it spread to others until it’s as wide as a country sunrise!  I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

38 Comments on “Smile Today!

  1. We have snow again in Calgary.😑 I’ve been indoors for 2 days because it’s too darn cold outside. This is also monopoly season at MCDs. I don’t play their monopoly game but yesterday I had a sticker card I wanted to use up and got a lattté! ☕️💕 My husband brought it home and I broke the 11 day coffee break quite literally (and won a med. fries) 🍟. I had insomnia and racing thoughts which lasted the entire night. Caffeine is powerful stuff.

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    • I hope you would get better . Best wishes …
      Here , in Lebanon, it is still sunny with like 20s C or 70 s F … The weather is moderate by the Mediterranean sea…

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      • That sounds like perfect weather! Here it’s -4 degrees Celsius. Temps in the 20s Celsius are the most comfortable for me. The Mediterranean Sea sounds lovely too. 😊✨

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      • I rather live a simpler life in a warmer place, even if it meant giving up this luxury that people idolize. In Canada, the cost of living is higher compared to the USA. Our housing is very expensive and our taxes are higher. It’s even more expensive living in Europe.

        A higher income also means that we pay more for everyday items, and many people unwell in the developed countries. Diabetics, hypertension, and obesity are skyrocketing in the west, and mental awareness is a thing now. It’s becoming more normalized as more and more people are taking more and more medications, and openly talking about it.

        Happiness to me, does not mean having a higher income. Happiness to me, means having a healthy body and mind.

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      • My most recent blog post talks about my workout routine, so I recommend checking it out. I mentioned that I work out 5-6 days per week, and I mainly do yoga and Pilates. Sometimes I do high intensity interval training (HIIT). 🧘‍♀️🌱

        Sports aren’t my thing, so I don’t play sports. If I travel, it’s to visit family who live halfway across the country. Canada is a very big country. 🇨🇦


      • Do you get some physical activities and meditation…?
        Focus on being well energetically despite all that is …


    • Sorry to hear there’s more snow. We might get a little on the weekend, but the lake here helps to keep things just warm enough usually that early snow melts quick. Usually. Not always. But, we are getting a lot more rain the next couple of days which is going to make things worse on the lake and river all winter. Should only drink coffee in the morning,☕ unless it’s decaf. Fries anytime!🍟 Have a nice evening Hilary!😃😺🍁🍂


  2. I love your positive outlook Steve, it’s a great encouragement for me! Sorry you’re in pain though. I’ll be praying for you. 🙏🐱

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    • It is not only what happens to us that determines our lives but how we perceive and respond to life and the events as well…
          A hardship could be perceived as a dead end or a stepping stone or a bridge to grow and evolve spiritually and rationally…
           Aa Wayne Dyer said :” when you change the way you look at things , the things you look at change …
      Our energy recreates our world , so better choose love as much as we can …
          Madonna has chosen to view her obstacles as a bridge to success and development. 


    • Nice to have you stop by Nina! Haven’t seen you much lately, I was missing you here! I hope you are having a wonderful day!😁🌞😸🍁🍂


      • 🥰 oh it’s lovely to be missed! I’m good—just posted the other day something new I’m working on. It’s the beginning of the end, dear friend. My blog is retiring. Three months left. I’m happy and grateful. 🙏🏻

        It’s been a fun experience with you and Ilona! Nice to see your collaborative efforts together. I wish you both well and all the best of success!

        And I always 💗 to read your poetry/children’s stories! You really do have a way with words, Steve. A blessed gift and talent.

        I hope Huguette is ok. She had a rough time there…and Lillian? I miss her too! 🦋

        The leaves are so pretty this time of year. Loving the late afternoon sun and loooonnnnggg shadows! The pictures you are posting are so pretty! Seeing some of those big orange mushrooms now. So cool!
        Ok, back to practice—Eflat major is a toughie…

        PS. Some political drama, Eh? I 💗 it! Who knew????
        God bless Ukraine 🌻🇺🇦🌻! And God keep President Trump safe…at least for just a few more years…😊

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      • Yes, I finally left you a comment on your latest post, I must admit that was sad. But new things come from old, so I certainly wish you well in your new journey.
        Thank you so very much for all your encouraging words!! I will certainly miss that around here. I wish I knew what happened with Huguette, such a sudden departure. Lillian seems discouraged lately, she was thinking of stopping her blog, I tried talking her out of it though, I think it’s good for her. I miss having her around here too.
        Yes, those are called Lobster mushrooms, odd types, they last a long time, definitely not edible though. I’m finally identifying some of these mushrooms, didn’t realize we actually have some deadly ones here.
        Drama is right, hard to believe what is going on there! Hope it settles out okay.
        Thanks again for stopping by Nina, you still have 3 months more to read!😁😸🍁🍂🐿


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