Adventures With Dad…Fishing.

Hi everyone on this October Friday!  It is a very cool and wet day again here, it is indeed a record wet autumn for us, plus the amazingly cool temps ever since mid August.  But these things happen.  Every year is somewhat different.  Anyway, good time to have some fun and laugh a little.  Ever gone fishing?  Perhaps camping and fishing together?  Dad and I used to do that.  Not sure why dad wanted to go camping though, he never seemed to enjoy it that much.  Yet he always talked like it was the best thing to do.

Someone out fishing.

One time we went camping/fishing, and had just set up the tent.  No problems with that amazingly.  Dad said to toss him his sleeping bag.  I said, in a minute, then decided to toss it to him right away.  For some reason dad wasn’t ready.  Hit him right in the face.  Knocked his hat and glasses off.  And he sat down.  Why did you sit down?, I asked.  Dad just said, Bonehead!  At least he’s happy.  You did tell me to toss it, I said.  You said, in a minute, dad pointed out.  Figured you might want it right away, I said.  Obviously, said dad.

More out fishing.

Slept great that night.  Dad didn’t.  Seems there was a tree root under him.  You wanted that side, I said.  Dad just looked.  Next day we moved the tent.  Then out in the boat for some fishing.  Rained while we were out.  We got a bit wet.  Good time for fishing when it rains, said dad.  We didn’t catch a thing.  Did you put everything in the tent?, asked dad. You told me to put my stuff in the tent, I said.  Dad just looked, then put his head down.  He did that a lot.  Dad’s sleeping bag was wet.  Very wet.  However, I pointed out the fact his extra clothes were dry.  Amazing, he said.

Summer’s over and not many boats on the lake now.

His sleeping bad did not dry out that day, too cloudy.  Slept great that night.  Dad didn’t.  No root this time, no sleeping bag either.  Next time we should bring blankets too, I said, in case your sleeping bag gets wet again.  Next time I should stay home, he said.  Odd.  After breakfast we did some more fishing.  Dad caught a nice one, it was big.  Our first fish of this trip.  Dad said to get the net, I did.  Got the fish in the net easily, and right through the net.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!, said dad, you brought the wrong net! Yep, this one had a hole in it.  Which the fish located quickly.IMG_9955

In the excitement of trying to stop this from happening, dad’s rod got tangled in the net.  I tried to go after the fish again with this useless net and accidentally pulled the rod right out of dad’s hands.  And it went in the lake.  The look on dad’s face.  Just wish I had a camera right then.  AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!, said dad!  Why did you let go?, I asked.  Bonehead!  You pulled it out of my hand, he yelled!  I was trying to get your fish, I reminded him.  Fortunately the rod was tangled in the net so was not lost.

Colors just starting along the river 9 days ago.

In all the excitement the fish was lost.  Too bad, I said, it was a nice fish.  Dad just looked, then put his head down in his hands.  Why didn’t you check the net before bringing it? he asked.  Why do we keep a net that is no good? I responded.  Dad just looked.  At least we’re having fun, I said.  Dad just sat there, not a sound.  I was having fun anyway.  Hadn’t laughed so much in a long time.  My stomach was getting sore.  I always laughed a lot when we went camping, or fishing.  Dad didn’t laugh as much.  Odd.

I hope you all enjoy your Friday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin (who is sleeping, she doesn’t like rain).

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

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  1. Loved the adventure you both had ! You had a special relationship together…every family would be blessed to have such a relationship !

    Liked by 1 person

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