Sunday’s Pictures #13.

Good morning and welcome back to our Sunday’s Pictures post!  It is a cold, cloudy morning here once again.  What a difference from yesterday!  But enough of that, let’s get right to today’s pictures.IMG_6137

Above is another variety of orange daylily, a little different than the one I showed before.IMG_4744

Above we have a beautiful white…unknown flower.  Haven’t been able to identify this one yet.IMG_6140

And here we have some lovely white phlox, from my landlord’s garden.robin-plantain

And above we have a pretty wildflower called robin-plantain.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed today’s selection of flowers!  Have a wonderful Sunday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

20 Comments on “Sunday’s Pictures #13.

  1. Have a great Sunday! The sun’s still shining here and it’s 24C. Next week it starts to slide as we head towards November when daytime temperatures will be just under 20C.

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  2. The flowers are a delight !…my purple orchid is blooming again…would look nice next to your white beauties !

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  3. Hey Steve! Lovely pictures and new flowers to learn😄 Orange daylily is cute, oh the white phlok have come in group.looks full. Robin plantain just looks like a minicraft made of noodles😜.. Thank you Steve 🤗

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    • Hi Simon! Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked the pics! Robin plantain is a tough flower to find around here so I was quite excited to get the pic, it was covered with the early morning dew.🙂📷 It’s interesting, all the different types of flowers, so many more than I was able to find this summer. But perhaps next year. Thanks again!😃😺🌞📷

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