Stumbling In The Night.

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all feeling great on this beautiful Monday morning.  Actually, it’s hard to tell what kind of morning it is outside since it’s still dark.  But no matter, it’s still a beautiful morning.  I know.  You probably don’t think it’s a beautiful morning.  Because it’s Monday.  Wrong way to look at things.  If you already decide when you get up that’s it’s going to be a bad day, then it probably will be.  So why not decide it’s going to be a good day and go meet the morning with a smile instead of a groan?  You will not only make yourself feel better, but also make others around you feel better too.IMG_0048

Always good to start any day with a smile.  Or a laugh.  Things happen to me.  Dad was accident prone.  I must have inherited that from him.  One night I got up and was stumbling my way to the bathroom.  I should turn on some lights, but I don’t.  Anyway, I kind of lost my balance and whacked my head into the side of a cabinet (insert groan).  That caused me to stumble backward against my small table, knocking it over (insert scream and groan).  That, of course, made me fall on top of it (more groaning).  My arms were beating about the air for whatever reason.  I still can’t figure out why I do that with my arms when it really doesn’t help.  Dad used to do that too.IMG_0050

Then, of course, there was the crashing and smashing of the glass items sitting on the table.  They were now in many pieces all over the floor.  And I am now lying on the floor (even more groaning).  Now I’m lying there trying to figure out how to get up in the midst of all this broken glass.  Finally I put my hands on the floor and push myself up.  I step on a piece of glass with my bare foot (insert scream).  I hop to the bathroom with blood dripping all over the carpet.  Sigh.20191007_143733

After patching my foot I have to go clean up all that glass before kitty paws decide to go walking through it.  This takes 30 minutes, after which I am thoroughly awake and can’t get back to sleep.  I decide it’s better to get up, after all, it’s already 3 am anyway.  I get some toast and coffee, sit down and think about the mornings events.  When I think about the part with my arms waving frantically for no reason, I break into laughter.  Loud and long.IMG_9949

Over the next couple weeks I will be sharing other things that have happened to me, for your enjoyment.  No serious injuries were ever obtained.  And this did not happen recently during the time of other present injuries.  I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

19 Comments on “Stumbling In The Night.

  1. Hey Steve! A very happy morning to you. We get ourselves in situation at times, most time indeed its funny. A very good thought, Face the morning with a smile, its good or bad, lets face it with a smile. It makes a lot of difference✨😉 Have a beautiful week✨🤗

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  2. It is always good to turn on the light ! However , I did get some laughs from it…not about getting hurt though , that must have hurt !

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    • Wasn’t really so bad amazingly, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have written about it! Who needs a light on? I know where everything is, I found a bunch of things that night right where I knew they were.😂😹


  3. steve, looks like you need some night lights. i dont have good night vision and i have several night lights in the important rooms to help me see and guide me through the house at night.

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    • I have been using night lights since getting my injury, don’t want more problems! Thanks for reading Buddy, always nice to have you here!😃😺🌞


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