Insulator Adventures With Dad #4.

There’s no sugar in this coffee, he said.  You told me not to put sugar in it because last time I made it too sweet, said I.  Did you bring some sugar?, he asked.  No, I thought you would do that, I said.  Bonehead, said dad.  That probably traveled a mile too.  Coffee without sugar is terrible, he said.  Mine is okay, I said.  You probably put sugar in yours, he said. Naturally, who wants coffee without sugar?, I asked.  I think that was the loudest sigh I ever heard too. IMG_4757

Where is my donuts?, asked dad.  In your backpack, I said.  What?!, I have been putting insulators in there, he said.  You could have told me they were in my backpack, he added.  I figured you would see them, said I.  Dad was pulling all the insulators out of his backpack as fast as he could.  Like that would help now.  They are completely flattened, he remarked.  Amazing how often he gets flat food.  They’ll still taste the same, I said, as I started to eat mine.  You could share, said dad.  But you already have three, said I.  They taste worse than the sugarless coffee, he said, as he tossed them aside for the birds.IMG_4760 

How about some of your coffee?, asked dad.  Okay, I said, and brought it over to pour in his cup. I have an idea, said I, lets mix the two and we will both have sweet coffee.  Dad thought a moment.  Might actually work, he said.  Pour your thermos into mine, I said.  Which he did.  Then I will pour it back into yours, I said.  Dad held his thermos.  It was going good.  Until ‘CRACK’. Dad and I both jumped.  Then dad yelled.  You moved your thermos, I said.  So I ended up pouring the coffee on his leg.  Poor dad.  When he yelled it made me jump.  And I dropped the thermos.

A nice summer day at the river.

BUT…I caught it!  Unfortunately it was upside down.  And the coffee poured out.  Dad didn’t notice, he was too busy doing his happy dance again.  Though oddly he didn’t look too happy.  Then he finally yelled, ‘BONEHEAD!’  That’s better.  Now I know he’s enjoying himself.  Where’s my coffee?, he asked.  On the ground, your yell startled me and I dropped the thermos.  Dad just looked.  Then shook his head.  We never did find out what caused that loud cracking sound.  Guess dad’s yell scared whatever it was and it ran off.  That yell was rather loud.  Dad sat down again.

Pine needles gathering by the rocks at the river.

By this time it was cloudy.  Very dark clouds.  A few drops of rain began to fall.  We better head back, I suggested.  Dad agreed.  Especially since we no longer had any coffee.  We had barely gotten started on our little hike back to the car when those few raindrops became a downpour.  With thunder and lightning.  Might get wet, I said.  Bonehead, said dad.   Amazing,  he’s enjoying this.  At least it will wash some of that mud off you, I said.  Just thinking of dad in that mud got me laughing again.  How can you laugh so much?, asked dad.  It’s easy when you do funny things, I said.  Nothing happened on the way back to the car, aside from getting thoroughly soaked.  Amazing, I said, all that rain and you’re still covered with mud.  I started laughing again.  Dad looked at himself.  Then he started with his hysterical laugh.

I hope you have enjoyed this adventure with dad and I.  I’m sure to share more of our adventures in the future.  Have a wonderful weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

31 Comments on “Insulator Adventures With Dad #4.

  1. So funny ! You should have brought two thermoses with you !…oh, well, then it wouldn’t be as funny as just having one thermos…

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  2. Thanks for another entertaining story of your adventures. No sugar here…weak black tea, long black coffee. Sugar fix at the local doughnut shop for me next Tuesday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🥯☕😋

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I drink my coffee black. Sugar and cream are not my taste in coffee, however, a latte is another discussion.

    Thanks for sharing another interesting adventure. ☕️😸

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My husband likes it black when he wants plain coffee. No sugar too. I remember being curious to try it once. That nearly killed my tongue. SO BITTER!

    Your dad probably loved making you laugh 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s what I always thought about black coffee too, now that’s the way I drink it. What a change in 10 years.😳😋☕👍
      Yes, I’m sure he did like to make me laugh! Why else would he do all those crazy things?😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha 😀 Yes, it’s amazing how many things change through the years. I hate mustard until I was 19 then slowly I notice that I must have it each time I have sausage haha 😀

        Yeah, let’s imagine your dad does it to make you laugh and that you accidentally copying him now 😏

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