Moving Experiences…#3.

Good morning everyone on this cold November day.  It’s a good day to be inside drinking coffee.  Certainly don’t want to be outside drinking coffee.  It’s too cold for that.  The coffee would freeze.  And so would I.  Sigh.  I miss summer already.

Looking across the bay to an island.

On to moving.  The car was filled with boxes but there was just enough room in the back seat for my big lamp.  Perfect.  It won’t get broken here, I say to myself.  As I go in for more stuff one of my helpers comes out carrying a large box.  I go in, grab another box and head out to the truck with it.  My helpers box was nowhere to be seen.  Wonder where he put it?  I ask him.  Back seat of the car, he says.  But it was full, I replied.  Just had to push it a bit, he says.  I look.  Sure enough, the lamp shade is flat as a pancake.

Summer forest path.

I point out this fact.  Didn’t you see the lamp.  Yep, I saw it.  You destroyed the lamp shade.  It will straighten out, he said, might be a little bent, but it will still work.  It was a new shade, I said.  Picky, he says and walks away.  Then I see him drop a box over the railing of the front steps.  AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!  Hey, there’s very breakable stuff in that box, I said.  You should mark it then, he says.  I did, can’t you read?  Fraggle, he says.  What’s fraggle?  Not fraggle, fragile.  What’s that mean?  It means breakable, I said.  Why didn’t you write “breakable” so everyone would know, he says.

My little pal Rusty, now asleep in his cozy home.

You should pack stuff so it won’t break, he continued.  I don’t expect people to be so rough, I said.  Picky, he says.  How about if I picky up a box and drop it on your head, I said.  He walks away shaking his head.  So do I.  Another helper has a box containing part of my fossil collection.  We are unloading at the new place by this time.  He drops the box on the cement driveway.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! I go out and ask why he did that.  Box was heavy, he said.  Didn’t you read what it said on the box?  Large letters saying Fragile, Steve’s Fossils.  A box full of rocks, no wonder it was so heavy, he said as he wandered away.

A summer day on the lake.

Two of them bring in my dresser.  Got a bit of a scratch on it, one of them says.  I look.  AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!  It was on top, 8 inches (20cm) long, and deep.  That’s not “a bit of a scratch”, I said, that’s a huge scratch.  Didn’t you cover it with one of the blankets?  Is that what those blankets are for?, asks one.  I was wondering why you didn’t pack those blankets, said the other.  Picky, says one as they walk away.  I’m still staring at that huge scratch wondering how I will fix that.  Sigh.

Just a few of many things that have happened.  I will share more another time.  Sigh.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


111 Comments on “Moving Experiences…#3.

  1. Having a rainy weather is better than forest fires at least …
    Let us pray and have faith that God may send some rain for California to put out and extinguish fires there …
    God has sent us rain here in Lebanon that helped fire fighters extinguish and put out fire a month ago …
    Thank God …

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, there is a positive side to having rain, though too much also causes problems of a different kind with flooding and terrible ice damage in winter. Yes, they do need our prayers out in California for sure.


      • That’s true, that’s why so much ice damage to shorelines especially in spring when the ice begins breaking up. You would have to live here to fully understand how our seasons really affect things.


      • Every country has its own specific weather but I understand that in such cold places close to the poles , the melting of snow and ice in the spring makes water very abundant…
        This is why the hydroelectric power in Canada is more than enough and so is wind energy technology…

        Liked by 1 person

      • We certainly could do a lot more with wind energy in this country, especially on the prairies. I’m not sure why we don’t do more with that.


      • Never forget that both Canada and USA are oil producers nowadays including shale oil production . If they promote and support renewable energy technology and resources , the price of oil and the oil share companies would drop further …

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hot chocolate with whipped cream sounds wonderful ! Moving is a hardship…altho’ young adults wouldn’t consider it as a hardship…there was someone trying to get into your place ? Scary !

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re the 2nd person to mention hot chocolate and whipped cream, amazing. Who was trying to get in? Muffin will tear him to shreds! Just have to get her out from under the bed!😂😹🙄


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