Update For My Readers.

Hello everyone and Happy Friday to all of you!  It is a milder day here, a slight break from the cold we had earlier this week.  It’s a bit more normal kind of winter weather for us today.  Still, it’s a good day to be indoors enjoying a cup of coffee and some fresh baked cookies.  Without the cookies.  But at least I have the coffee.  And one of these days I hope to bake some cookies too.  However…that will have to wait just a bit longer.IMG_2226

I know that many of you have been asking about my recovery from that last injury, which was 5 weeks ago now. 🤔 Well, it’s coming along, slowly, very slowly.😀🙄  The muscle was torn quite badly and since it is a main muscle that is used every day for just about any movement, well, that makes for slow healing.😕  Just saw my family doctor today and he was able to explain things better to me so now I see why it takes so long.IMG_5214

And every time I see someone about this, the time gets longer.😳  Now it could be the end of January before this muscle is healed.  That means staying indoors most of the time and lots of sitting.😬🙄  Sigh.  But also some exercising in a limited way.  Going out is dangerous due to icy conditions now that winter is here to stay.😲  Also makes it hard to keep on feeding the birds.  Especially with all the regulations regarding that.  And I have to make changes to my feeders.🤔  Oh well.😀IMG_6360

But things will get back to normal eventually.😃🌞  Though I may have to rely on some pics from last winter for my posts until I’m able to get out more to get some new pics.🙂📷  And my doctor said to be careful not to overdo it, or it will just take longer. 😬😳 Who me?😂🙄 Well, I hope you all have a great day and wonderful weekend, God bless!

Steve and Muffin.😺

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

31 Comments on “Update For My Readers.

    • Thanks for reading today, yes, there is a fine balance needed between sitting and exercise, but for now more sitting is the best thing with the right exercise tossed in.😄😸No cookies for the squirrel, she gets peanuts, I get cookies!😂😹🙄

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  1. Oh Steve! I am so sorry to hear you’ve been going through all of this! The body is an unbelievable thing. What seems insignificant is anything but when it’s injured. We never know how many muscles there are in our bodies until we need to use one that’s hurt, right? 😲

    Bless your heart. I hope Muffin is spoiling you and I pray that today is easy on you. Praying for a much faster recovery than anticipated as well. 🙏🏼❤

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    • Thank you Holly, much appreciated! This is a main muscle needed for almost every movement our body makes. But 5 weeks down so closer to complete healing now. I have to be so careful as it can be easily made worse at this point.😳 Yes, Muffin curls up on top of me a lot now,😻 she knows there’s a problem. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Holly!😃😺❄⛄

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  2. Hi Steve, Take good care of your leg, some more detailed update of your leg injury,
    well…. stop trying things that wil hurt that muscle. Relax and take enough rest and foods that can push you for muscle recovery. Have a beautiful day steve✨🤗

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    • I wish I could stop using that muscle,😳 not possible though, but I am resting it as much as I can, lots of sitting and lying down.😀 So exciting!😂😂🙄Thanks for stopping by Simon! Watch out for those camel rides!😂😄🐫🐫

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      • Hi Steve, Luckily i got train for my way back to my place. Still cant sleep🙄 Even the slightest disturbance kills my sleep. The train makes enough noise to disturb me. ive been travelling a lot recent days, damn i cant get used to it 😒 Honestly, no idea how to sleep during my travel✨🧐. Toni8 is gng to be a long n8✨😉

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      • Yes, I know what you mean. I tried sleeping on the jet when I went on my vacation, not possible, yet everyone around me was sleeping!😬😴 I just can’t sleep in any kind of moving vehicle, not even a car. Try looking at the scenery.🌲🌳 Hmm, guess that wouldn’t work.🙄🤔 How about looking at the stars?😃 Try to enjoy the night anyway,🤔🙄 hope you get some sleep.😀😴

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      • Hi Steve, Its definitely a long night😜 Got kids here, noisy one. They should sleep first 😂 It’s kind of weird how these people could able to shut down their eyes and SNOR 🙄 honestly😒 We are special ones 😉 We seek the real peace here🤗

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      • My dad could sleep through just about anything,😲😴 I need quiet.🙂🙄 are you asleep yet?🤔🙄 If you are you don’t need to reply.😂😂


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