Monday’s Pictures #5.

Good Monday morning everyone!  Another chilly day up here in the north, but milder days are on the way later this week.  One of those up and down months with temps.  Better than always going down anyway.  There’s always something positive, even in the midst of a bunch of negative.  I’m positive about that.  So just look around and you will start to see all those blessings in your life.  Even though it’s cold outside, there is still a lot of little blessings out there.  I’m talking about friendly little birds that are so willing to trust me that they will land on my hand to get their food.  So that will be today’s pictures for you to enjoy.IMG_8071

First on the list, above, is one of my favorite little birds, the black-capped chickadee.IMG_8016

Above we have the red-breasted nuthatch claiming his meal.IMG_1987

Finally we have a pine siskin enjoying his meal on my hand last winter when the temp was -30C (-22F).  Unfortunately after 20 minutes I could no longer feel my hand so had to retreat indoors.  But after a couple hours I was back out there.

That’s it for today’s pictures, I do hope you all have a wonderful Monday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (and birds)

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

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