Nature’s Art #3.

Hi folks and welcome to another look at nature’s art where we will see a lot of different things.  Perhaps you won’t like all of my selections but I think all will qualify for addition to this series.  And hopefully you will find some pics to enjoy along the way.  I wish more were in sunshine, but since we had so much cloud this autumn that just wasn’t always possible.  But I think they still look good even on a cloudy day.  So, off we go for some more interesting pics of art in nature…IMG_7214

Even grass gone to seed can be quite artistic in how it looks.20190925_122843

This mushroom is complete, just rather odd shaped.  So I figured it should be in this section.  I have a number of pics of different mushrooms in the oddest shapes ever.  I will definitely be showing more.

But a lot of other things will show up in this section too as we go along.  Have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

13 Comments on “Nature’s Art #3.

  1. Oh ! That mushroom has a letter “M” on the bottom ! Could it be for the McLeod name ?…love the grass gone to seed !

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  2. It looks like the mushroom grew over some of the pine needles beneath it. Maybe that caused the splits in its cap!
    Would You mind if I tried to paint the grass seed pod? It is really neat!

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  3. Yes, I like to try to paint. It is a totally engrossing activity. In my experience, it is akin to being out in nature. You don’t tend to think about anything else. Thank You for the permission, it is much appreciated! Have a great day.

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