Things That Happen.

Hello everyone on this beautiful, though somewhat chilly, Monday!  Yesterday we had a beautiful sunny day.  I had almost forgotten what blue sky looked like.  It was so nice to see that sun again, even if it was cold.  That’s the way it is here in the winter.  When the sun shines, it’s cold.  But when it’s cloudy, it’s cold…but not quite as cold.  Muffin was happy too, she had her patch of sunshine to sleep in.  But when I sat down, she woke up and came running over to my, I mean “our”, chair so she could curl up with me.  Now there’s a true pleasure, a purring cat on one’s lap.20191012_150348

Muffin and I are inside trying to stay warm.🥶😽🏠 Its raining so much over where Simon lives that I hear he’s taking swimming lessons so he can get to work.😐🏊‍♂️And then there’s Lydia, sitting under a palm tree basking in the heat.👩🌴🌞Amazing.  But if it’s cold, or raining, that’s perfect weather for coffee.20191022_092000

Speaking of coffee.  I like to keep mine in a glass jar on the counter.  So I pour it from the plastic container into the jar.  And always end up spilling some.  So this time I have a better idea.  I decided to use a soup ladle to scoop the coffee into the jar.  Worked perfectly without spilling…almost.  The last scoop of coffee and the ladle hit the side of the jar.  Spilled the whole ladle of coffee.  Scattered all over the counter, the floor, and me.  This was worse than if I had poured it into the jar like I normally do.  Sigh.  Same day, I took the lid off the margarine container and for some unknown reason it decided to flip into the air and I tried to catch it getting margarine on my hand, putting my elbow into the margarine container and the lid landed on my foot getting margarine on my sock.

Across the river from my favorite spot.

I like changing my socks.  It’s a new hobby of mine, do it all the time.  Due to the snow it inevitably tracks inside and gets deposited on the mat by the door.  Now, I have to walk across this mat to get to my bedroom.  And I stepped on some snow with both feet, so that both feet were now wet.  Naturally.  I don’t like wet socks.  So I change them.  I walk back into the living room and step on more snow, which has now melted, with both feet, which are now wet again.  Change socks again.  See what I mean?  Sigh.  Muffin has her water dish in the bedroom.  She likes it there.  I walk past it every day, many times, never come close to touching it.  On that day I stepped right in it.  This spilled the dish causing both socks to get wet.  I hate wet socks.  Change socks…again.

This area along the river is now under water.

Things happen to me.  I don’t even have to try or do anything special.  Just like my dad.  Things just happened to him too.  Must be a family thing.  Speaking of dad, more fun coming from our many adventures, which number in the hundreds, though most were normal, which I can’t remember.  I hope you have an amazing week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

344 Comments on “Things That Happen.

  1. “Hello everyone on this beautiful, though somewhat chilly, Monday morning!” —Steve

    Um, don’t you mean Monday evening? WordPress just notified me that you published this blog post, and it’s the evening, so I am confused.

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    • Complaint noted and change has been made. Things like that happen sometimes when I type too fast. And I’m always thinking morning because I like mornings so much, so any time of day is morning, after all, some place in the world it is always morning. And for half my readers it is also morning right now. However it was a mistake. Usually I catch them before publishing, but not always. Sorry for the confusion. But I am a confusing person anyway.😁😸🙄Thanks for reading Hilary!😀😺

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      • But I wasn’t complaining, at least it wasn’t meant to be a complaint. Just something I noticed. I subscribed to your blog posts so I get notified the moment they are published. That’s how I noticed it. Otherwise I would have easily missed it. Have a good evening 🙂🌙

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      • That’s okay, not a problem. I have had to subscribe to some, or bookmark sites, since they no longer appeared in my reader, which is very annoying. Actually I have noticed that I’m making more mistakes lately than I used to do. I need to reread them more carefully before posting. Too tired lately, I think that’s the problem. Sigh. Thanks for pointing it out, not many people saw it then.😀😂🙄

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      • I finished the rough draft of I Attended an Anxiety Workshop | Part 3 and the final copy needs editing. I’m not gonna lie – this blog post was very challenging! The editing process is quite tedious, but the rough draft is by far the most tedious. I also like to sleep on it before publishing it the next day, in case I get an idea during the night. Hoping to post it tomorrow morning! 🌷🌷

        Yes, I subscribed to you because it’s getting more challenging for me to scroll through the reader these days. I am currently following 220 different blogs. As for the ones that stopped appearing in my reader for some reason, I subscribed to them as well. It seems to be a common WP glitch that people have been experiencing lately. 😓🙄

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      • It seems that I only get posts from my newest followers. Anyone that has been following me for more than 4 months won’t show up in the reader. I have 590 followers, and I follow all of them. That adds up to 1500 posts each day.😳😳 I can’t read that many, even though I have lots of time now, just can’t do it. I did unfollow 2 that posted between 20 and 30 every day. I don’t know how anyone can do that, even if they are short.🤔🙄
        I have now lost 40 regular readers, they have stopped blogging, and 5 more that have just stopped reading for whatever reason, even though I read and comment regularly on their blogs. Sigh.😕🙄
        Hope you have had a great Monday!😁😸⛄🌲🎄

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      • 1500 posts/day is way too much for any human to read in a day. It seems like my reader has a mix of old followers as well as new ones. And some bloggers don’t show up at all. It is strange….

        Honestly I won’t follow anyone who posts more than 6 blog posts a day (that provide no value whatsoever), those who republish blogs so that their blogs always appear at the top of the reader, and those who only post links and no content/description. Then there are the few exceptions to that rule. 20-30 posts/day is just too spammy for me. If they’re all about status updates or tweets, that’s what Facebook and Twitter are for! They’re using the wrong platform! Sigh. 😕🙄

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      • Oops, I missed this one. Yep, I can’t possible read that many, but then people get upset because I don’t read all their posts. But in some cases, not every post is of interest, but I read the ones that are. I’m not really interested when someone does a post on make up, or women’s fashions.
        One person would do at least 20 or more posts a day with just one sentence, “I’m feeling great today”, that’s it, or “looks like a nice day out there”. And it would fill my reader with nothing. I better be careful or I will start ranting again. I’m tempted to write a post about that, but I might lose some followers!😂😹😳
        Yes, you’re right, they are using the wrong platform. Enjoy your day Hilary!😁😸

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      • Who gets upset that you don’t read all of their posts? 😒🙄 No offense to this person, but he/she sounds immature to me. Nobody is entitled to get likes, views and comments. If they post good content, then there’s a high chance they will get views, likes, and comments.

        I think you may be trying to please too many people. I think that it’s very sweet of you to do that, but I worry that you may be spreading yourself thin. Honestly, I think you SHOULD write a rant post about it, because it’s authentic and a true expression of how you really feel. Also, I enjoy reading rants because they are often really relatable. 😇🌺

        Yep, those one sentence posts are a hard pass for me. It’s fine if the person does it
        sometimes and I happen to know them, but this ain’t Twitter or Facebook. If people aren’t gonna treat a blog like a blog, then I don’t think you should feel obligated to follow them. Remember, it’s better to please a few people and put energy into that, than to try and please everyone! 🌻🌻🌻

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      • No one that is presently following, at least I don’t think so, all those that were upset have unfollowed me. I think you are right, I am spreading myself too thin and messing things up with my most loyal followers. I will have to change that.
        It sure would help if people’s posts actually showed up in my reader, but I’m slowly getting all my main followers bookmarked so I can find everyone easily. Sigh. My brain doesn’t always work so good.🤯
        You like rants? I really should do more of them. Probably lose some more followers.😲😂Too bad you won’t be around for my Valentine’s Day rant.😂🙄
        True enough, I have to make some changes in how I do things. This way I’m kind of losing interest. Taking up way too much time and making me want to give up altogether. Sigh. Will definitely have to think this out better before it wears me out.🤔🙄

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      • There is a quote I love from Dr. Seuss. “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” It sounds like the people who got sensitive over this matter essentially don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. 🤨

        I don’t think you’re messing things up at all. Try not to beat yourself up or be too hard on yourself. I know this is easier said than done. Try doing things that bring you joy, and do less of the things that don’t. I have to be very careful what I choose to engage in on WordPress for my own well-being. Yes, I agree; the WordPress reader doesn’t work well these days and I often miss stuff too. Occasionally, I will manually search blog names to see if certain bloggers are still worth following. Every so often, I will prune who I follow. People change, just like the WP reader changes. Go with the flow I say. 😄😅

        I might be around on Valentines day. I might still check WP. It’s hard to say at this point. It might be reading week (the equivalent of spring break for uni students) which takes place in February…

        I am sorry that you are losing interest. Blogging should be enjoyable for you. If you feel like you are approaching burnout, maybe post less each day and only spend time following the blogs you actually like. If you ever want to talk to me outside of WordPress, feel free to email me at email. If I’m not checking WP, I am probably checking email! 😅

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      • I think the problem is I’m not doing enough these days, this injury kind of threw me off on some plans for blogging ideas. So, I’m running out of ideas to replace the ideas with new ideas. I think. Something like that. Been one of those days.😂😹
        I also need new winter pics, or I might have to start using some from last winter. I guess that wouldn’t matter too much since half my present followers never saw them anyway.😁🙄
        Thanks for sending your email, I copied it and deleted it. Don’t want you getting a lot of unwanted emails. Time for me to change position again. Thanks for chatting, sorry for the slow response.😁😺

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      • Personally, I never run of ideas. I’ve got tons of drafts, and most of them don’t get published. Some are just plain dumb, others are silly, and some ideas are so out there that idk how readers would react to my bizarre ideas 😂😂Whenever you have an idea, write it down. Inspiration can strike when you least expect it. 🙂

        No worries, I don’t mind receiving emails. Sometimes it takes me a while to respond to them, but I will respond eventually. I’m easiest to reach via WhatsApp or email. (And these days, WordPress).

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      • I get lots of ideas, but keep forgetting them! Yes, I need to start writing them down, that would be easier. It would have been okay if this injury hadn’t slowed me down, and since it will be another 2 months yet, I need to follow a different path of ideas. My picture posts are easy enough though I’m starting to run out of flower pics, so will have to change to something different soon. But that’s okay.
        I’m going to start a couple different series soon, touring my town will be one, and coffee at Steve’s, showing off my collections.
        Readers reactions are difficult to expect. I had a series ready, written, about my dad and I looking for a Christmas tree years ago. The first one didn’t go over too well, so now I’m not sure if I should continue. Seems most people today prefer artificial tree over real ones, not realizing that artificial trees are bad for the environment, real trees are actually beneficial. But that’s not what the post was about, it was about humor and for me a great memory of time with my dad. But, that’s the way it goes.
        Thanks again for your email, hope you are having a great start to your day!😁😸☕🎄☃

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      • Writing down ideas down right away really helps. I’m a list person so I keep a lot of lists at any given time. For a long time, I was keeping lists on my phone, but I just switched to keeping lists online so that I can access it from multiple devices. I’m very paranoid about losing my phone, and would hate to lose my lists since I was using notepad on my iPhone before, which only existed on one device. I’m not a huge fan of the iCloud.

        I really like the touring of your town idea. It would be so neat to see what you see through the lens or Steve. If I were to do a touring series of Calgary, I would never run out of ideas! LOL 😂

        What do you mean by the first one didn’t go over well? Did you receive negative comments? Honestly, I wouldn’t care that much about what other ppl think if I were you, and instead, write what comes from the hear. Everyone will have an opinion about everything. 🙄😅 Ithink people like the artificial trees because it’s convenient, cost effective, and set-up isn’t messy. Growing up, my parents had a real tree, but now they have an artificial one. The lights are partly broken in the middle of the tree and they refuse to fix it….

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      • I now have a notebook which I keep on the table so when I get an idea I can write it down quickly before I forget.
        Yeah, Calgary is a bit bigger than Kenora. I have already shown all our parks in my summer coffee series. I still need to get some more pics yet of the town. Need to get some winter pics once we get some snow. It does look white now though.
        Yep, some negative comments about cutting real trees, which was not what the post was about. One comment unfortunately was fit for the trash only.🙄🤔 If I wanted to, I could easily show how real trees are more beneficial to the environment than artificial, but that wasn’t the post. Sigh. Oh well. I prefer a real tree, but now I would use an artificial tree just for the convenience of it. Unfortunately trees are made for climbing, so are cats. Some cats more than others. Most cats I had didn’t bother with the tree, one sure did, and I think Muffin would tear it to shreds.😼😼🙄😂😹
        I am going to finish my tree hunting series. I enjoy writing about the memories anyway.
        I hope you enjoy the remainder of your weekend!😃😺☃🎄

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    • I sometimes wonder if I’m even real, considering the things that happen to me sometimes!😂😹🙄Muffin has been enjoying all this extra sitting that I’m doing these days.😸😻Thanks for reading Renee!😀😺⛄🌲🎄

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      • That’s true, my feet have been safe for quite a while now.🤪😜🙄
        That’s it! I’m not really here at all! Made up by a computer!!😂😹😬🙄
        Enjoy your evening!😃😺⛄🌲🎄


  2. Hi Steve, It will be good early morning when you see this comment😉, we wokeup with a rainy cloudy day and luckily can see some sunshine now 😍. hope the rain had taken a break 🙄 Looks like sunshine for you too😉 amazing time to sit with your Muffin and have that hot coffee, Thanks for mentioning me 🥰 i had a great swin this morning 😜😁 but i was swimming by standing the water actually came from shower that is still a swimming right 🙄🤔😜 Lydia is warm🤔 time to shift there. wish i could teleport now 🙄 That was a lot of socks now🤔 how many pairs you really have 😜 Must be family thing. Agree!. Have a beautiful day Steve, waiting for your adventure post 🤗✍️

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Simon! What a morning, overdid it again, now I’m so sore I can’t move.😬😳 Sigh. Too much shopping, too many people at the store running into me because I walk too slow.😳 I have to walk slow right now, no choice. Sigh. Our sun is gone again, a little freezing rain, more ice.😲 Lydia has all the nice weather, not fair.👩🌴🌞 About 3 dozen pairs of socks. Enough to last a week.😂😂😹Hope your day has been good, enjoy that sun, more rain coming!😲🌧🌧

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      • Hi Steve, Did you? 😲 why? oh, please take care Steve! I hate stores and this is why, full of people🙄🤷. Lydia got all nice weather🤔🙄 Lucky she! oh for you too, no sunshine😒me too cloudy cloudy all day😉😜 Sun, u had a typo error there,Sun doesnt exist🤷 at least not today😜😁😉Have a good sleep Steve🤗 Wish you a warm sunshine soon😉

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      • Yep, I did it.😲 I’m crazy.🤪 I was starting to feel a little better and then…sigh.😳😕 I’ll learn. Maybe.🤔 I hope.😬 I think for us warm sunshine won’t be back until spring. Cold sunshine perhaps. Sigh. Off to bed soon, tired tonight.😜😴😴

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      • You get that confidence peeping out of your head often and see!! you did it again🤷 Lets hav a timline not to take risk😉👍 .. have a good night Steve, No more risk again stay safe..😉👍 Wish you a speedy Recovery ✨and a fun filled Christmas season.

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  3. Haha, I hate wet socks too, Steve. I wear socks all the time in the winter but I’ve gotten in the habit of taking them off before I go into the bathroom because some people in my family always get water on the floor. 😂😆

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