Daily Pics #22.

Hello on this December morning!  This has turned out to be a remarkable winter for us.  There are large areas with no snow at all right now, even right across the street from where I live.  It looks more like late fall than winter.  Although the temperatures certainly feel like winter.  And all the ice around makes for very dangerous walking.  And my bird feeders are still very empty looking.  That part is sort of sad.  Muffin and I really enjoy all the bird activity to help us through the winter.  However, there is always these bright summer flowers to help give us a boost on these cold wintry days.  So, let’s take a look…IMG_4389

A very old fashioned country rose.  These roses have been growing in this location for more than 60 years now.  And the scent from these old roses is just fabulous.IMG_3426

And here we have some very light pink forget-me-nots.  Not quite as plentiful as the blue ones, but still a lot of them.  My landlord said there used to be white ones in the area as well, but they are all gone now.

Well, there we have our pink Tuesday for your enjoyment.  I hope you all have a Terrific Tuesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

29 Comments on “Daily Pics #22.

    • Good morning Hilary! I’m a little behind in answering comments this morning, had to go shopping. Terrible time. Too much walking, too many people, too many complainers, people bumping into me because I’m walking too slow. I have to walk slow, no choice in that one. Sigh.
      We do have some snow in sheltered areas, hills and open areas have no snow, except a very light dusting this morning. Yes, snow is better than ice. I don’t like ice at all. Sigh.
      I hope you have a great day Hilary, thanks for stopping by!😀😺⛄🌲🎄

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      • When people step on your heals…. that’s my biggest pet peeve 😑 Do they not see where they’re walking?

        I walked to MCDs this morning and the place was full. I got there a bit later than usual but luckily, there was no line. I noticed that there’s not many lines at all early in the AM which is nice. 2 men in their 50’s were really loud so I moved tables to get away from them. Oh well. I guess that’s the rat race we gotta deal with when we leave the comfort of our homes. At least you got out of your house this morning and got to see the sunrise!

        ☀️☕️ + 🧘‍♀️🌱 = ♥️

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      • Yep, getting a cart on your heals is no fun, almost took my shoe off. Then I was bent over looking at some Christmas decorations and a lady bumps into me so hard I nearly fell over. She never said a word either, just kept going. She didn’t look happy. Tis the season to be grouchy.
        Yeah, some people figure that everyone wants to listen to their conversation. Happens sometimes at our coffee shop too.
        Today it was more like watching the clouds rise. They moved in too fast to see the sun today. The last 2 days was sure nice though.
        Hope your day goes well Hilary! Still time for another coffee!😃😺⛄🌲☕🎄

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      • Even the lame mall around here (the almost dead mall) was packed on Black Friday. I kept getting trapped in aisles because ppl were in my way. I don’t like shopping because it causes a lot of anxiety, especially around Christmas season. Advertisements (and blog posts) also guilt trip me into thinking I need to buy a lot of stuff to please people I’m not that close to.😐😒

        I’m sorry that the lady was rude to you. She must have had her own agenda and failed to empathize with you and other ppl as a result. People who act rude are often some the most miserable people on the planet.

        I just got home from my morning walk and am still drinking my coffee from this morning. MCDs coffee is $1 any size until December 8, so I highly recommend trying it at least once during their promotion. I always get a large because an extra large is too big and will give me insomnia. Also, I thought you should know that they give free coffee refills! ☕️💕

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      • Shopping certainly does cause a lot of anxiety. I go in and out as fast as possible when it’s busy times like Christmas.😳😬 Even the slow times are busy now. Of course, we don’t have a lot of stores to choose from anymore.😕
        People are strange sometimes. I know, I’m one of them!😂😹One time a lady hit me with her cart, made me bang my head on the shelf. “Why don’t you watch what you’re doing?” she said. Odd, I thought that’s what I should be saying. So while she was looking at something, I swung her cart around and it hit a lady on the other side of the aisle. A “discussion” began between them.😂🙄 I left. I know, I’m terrible, just couldn’t help it that time. That was a few years ago.
        Yes, I noticed they had their $1 coffee again. Too bad they have terrible chairs.😜☕
        Have been making a Christmas wreath today. Have a couple other things done already. I really should have started to pick up pine cones earlier, I didn’t have enough small cones to fill it in properly. Oh well, will try something else then.
        Have a great afternoon!😀😺⛄🎄

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      • Honestly, I am so over the Christmas blog posts everyone has been writing lately. Christmas shopping lists, Christmas To-do lists, Christmas this, Christmas that. 😑 I get it. People love Christmas… or is it the materialism that people love? After seeing so many Christmas-related blog posts in the reader and it’s ONLY December 4, I’m over it already. So over it. 🙄

        Hmm…. I’m not sure what to say about the shopping cart hit and run. Too bad I wasn’t there to witness it. 😆

        Their chairs are the reason why you don’t go to MCDs? I sit in the booth seats rather than the chairs. Tims has similar chairs I find. Whenever Nick and I go to these places, we always fight for the booth seat. He usually wins. I agree – the Scandinavian chair style doesn’t work for me either. 😕

        As for your wreath, you could add some white Christmas lights. Dollarama carries them and they can really liven up a wreath. I’m a bit grumpy today, so my mood bleeds into my writing. Have a good afternoon, Steve! 😊🌺

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      • There is a lot about Christmas these days for sure. A person can only read so many posts on the same do lists, shopping lists, recipes. Oops, be careful, I have a Christmas tree post out and possibly 3 more to come! Plus my DIY wreath.🙄I thought about the lights too and got a set. Haven’t attached it yet though.
        Rats, forgot my nature’s art post today. I decided to add Wednesday to that series. Sigh. I’ll just wait and start it next Wednesday.😀🙄Maybe.
        Our mcd’s only has 2 small booth type seats and they are always taken early by the retirees club. They must get there by 8 am. Must admit, I do like the padded chairs at Tim’s. Easier on my back too.😀
        Sorry to hear you’re feeling a bit grumpy, hope it passes quick for you. Enjoy your evening!😁😸🌙

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      • At least now you have a post for next Wednesday! One less stressful thing for you to worry about.🙂 The DIY wreath post sounds very interesting and I look forward to reading it! 👍

        I haven’t seen padded chairs here at Tim’s. Perhaps it’s different province to province. I’m the type who likes to drink my coffee there and take my time, and nobody wants to sit on an uncomfortable chair.

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      • Yes, a post ready for next Wed for sure, have a couple others ready too for other things, I’m sort of keeping them for days when my brain isn’t working too well. Which lately, is most of the time!😂😹
        Last summer after getting new managers at our Tim’s they redesigned the whole place and added nice padded chairs. They take up more space but the are nice. They still have some typical hard chairs too on one end.
        I like to take my time with my coffee too and often will write a poem then.
        Take care, hope you have a wonderful day Hilary!😃😺☃🎄

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      • Idk how you manage all of that. Some days I have zero motivation to write. And when I do write, I tend to write during one big session which takes several hours. Do you write directly on your laptop or do you write your rough drafts on paper?

        That’s interesting. I actually passed by a Tim’s to see what their chairs are like, and the ones here are not padded. The people who run your Tim’s care about their customers which is nice. I wish we had padded chairs here, hence why I choose booth seats. At least they are padded. 😊🌺

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      • I do get days when it’s hard to write, but not too often fortunately. Once I decide on what to write it comes easy and quickly. Actually I do both, laptop and paper. Poems are always done on paper first. I just find it easier for thinking. But some posts are typed out on my laptop and posted right away.
        I guess each Tim’s are different. They recently finished renovating our second Tim’s which certainly needed it, but they only have hard chairs there apparently. That Tim’s is smaller though so I guess it would take up too much space to have the padded chairs which are much bigger.
        Enjoy your evening Hilary!😁😸🌙


  1. Lovely pics ! What is the name of the flower that has relax on it ? So pretty !…we do not have snow , but expect some on Thursday…or not…

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    • That’s the maiden pink I showed a while back, it’s just a nice close up of a single flower. We were supposed to get snow on Thursday, but they canceled that. Who knows, we might get it anyway, certainly need it, especially with that cold weather coming. Enjoy your day! I overdid it this morning already. Sigh.😃😺⛄🌲🎄


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