Daily Pics #23.


Good morning everyone!  Wow, hard to believe it’s mid week already, time sure is flying. We might get to see the sun again today too.  Maybe.  Oh well.  The one good thing about all this cloudiness is the milder temps.  Always good to keep looking for the positive side of things.  Muffin is at the window, waiting for daylight and little birds to appear.  That’s her positive view on things.  She’s probably hoping the chipmunks will be back.  Long wait for that one.  But while we’re waiting let’s look at some bright pics again…IMG_4370

We’ll start off this morning with the bleeding hearts above.IMG_4719

Then a purple shade of the bachelor button.  Not many of this color around which makes them a bit more special than the blue ones.  They are kind of an odd looking flower but very pretty anyway.

Well, that’s all for this morning, I will be back a little later with another adventure looking for insulators with dad.  I hope you will join me for that one, and I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

29 Comments on “Daily Pics #23.

  1. Wow ! Bachelor Buttons in a different shade from the pretty blue ones…love the purple as well…beautiful photography Steve !

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    • You’re back! I was beginning to think you had stopped reading my blog. Nice to see you’re smiling face again. Keep coming, keep liking.😀😀😀


      • I didn’t stop. I don’t plan on it. I know that you are probably upsat with me. But that comment was not intentional. It was an added word by my phones auto correct feature and was not intentional. My appologies to you and any of your readers that read it. I hope you can forgive my error in not proof reading my comment before I pressed send.😔

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      • Oh, not super upset, but please be careful from now on. I edited that word once I saw it. People might get the wrong impression. But you haven’t been around much the last few weeks. Sigh. It was always nice having you around here. Have some comments to answer before they disappear on me. hehehe.😂


  2. Hi Steve, A very good Morning🥰 Bleeding hearts in an angle looks like my big ears😂😂 and coming to bachelor button i must ask in which direction does it look like a button🙄🤷😜😁 Anyway Steve says that the name of the flower and i remember it🤗 Have a beautiful day Steve🤗✍️

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    • Hi Simon! Your ears don’t look big, but it is a small picture.😂😜But just look at the big nose in my picture!😲🤪That bachelor button never looks like a button, very odd. I would like to know who names things.🤨Like the gray tree frog that is bright green.🤔🙄😂Tried all summer to get a picture of that little frog, but he was always hiding in the flowers.😒🙄📷Thanks Simon, have a good night!


      • Hi Steve, Thank you my ears doesnt look that big it seems😄😜😂 When u find that person names these flowers let me know☺️😜 haha best luck with you to find the frog soon😂😂 Have a peaceful night Steve✨☃️

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      • I’m slow today, too busy this morning, now I’m worn out but can relax the rest of the day.😁 Won’t be able to find that frog until next summer.🙄 He’s a sneaky one, always hiding when I bring out my camera!😒📷 Have a great weekend Simon!😁😸⛄🎄

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