Daily Pics #28.


Greetings everyone on this very chilly Monday morning.  The weather has certainly turned cold for us here in the north.  The poor little birds look like little balls, bouncing around on their stomachs.  They are still on their feet, but their feet are completely hidden with feathers now that they are fluffed out so much, trying to keep warm.  So they need lots of good energy food which they get from sunflower seeds and peanuts.  Hard to stand outside with bare hands now trying to get pictures of them, but I’ll still try. That’s me.  But for now it’s time for some nice warm pictures for this cold day…IMG_8562

A nice bright and sunny chrysanthemum to start things off for us today.IMG_5231

And now the bold pink of a geranium.  Bringing with it the bold warmth of a summer day.  So nice to remember those warm summer days, especially when it’s so cold.

Happy Monday to all of you today!! God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

27 Comments on “Daily Pics #28.

    • Thanks so much Kevin! Well, it’s been 10 weeks and there is improvement, but it’s slow. I did slip on ice once a while back which slowed things down a bit. Hopefully by the end of January I will be walking normally again. Still can’t stay on my feet for very long yet. So a lot more sitting coming up. Never realized how hard it is to sit so much! Thanks for asking, hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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    • Yes, that is one positive point! I always like to look at the positive side of things. I’m also getting caught up on my reading too. Muffin is also enjoying all the sitting, so she can sit with me all curled up and purring, like right now.😁😸


  1. These photos are really lovely. Sorry I could barely read your post. I was up all night violently vomiting, just threw up on the floor because I couldn’t make it on time. I can’t keep liquids down at all, not even water.

    Two days ago, I got the flu shot, but Nick was also sick at the time. He didn’t throw up at all though, so idk if this is the same thing or not. He did not get his flu shot. I don’t know if I caught what he had, if I got food poisoning, or if this is a side effect of whatever vaccine thing they gave me. It’s really awful. 🤮

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    • Sorry to that Hilary. Not likely due to the flu shot, you probably had the flu virus already and it just came out now. Hope it doesn’t last long, it’s never a good thing to have.😕😳☕

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      • I probably got what Nick had. He was bedridden for two days. During that time we ate a lot of junk food. I’m never eating chips or chocolate ever again. Or candy canes. Just the thought of these things makes me queasy.

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      • No chocolate?😲 Ever?😲😲 Wow. How can you? I can understand it right now though, I feel the same when I’m sick. Take it easy, rest, get well!😀😺

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      • And pizza. Just thinking about it makes me wanna hurl. I ate these things last night so it’s a food aversion. Probably temporary. Then again I ate 3 chocolate bars which my body couldn’t handle.

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      • Cadbury caramilk chocolate [was] so good and Nick didn’t want it. I’m not used to eating that much junk food in a day. I just got out of bed and the apartment is a disaster. I wasn’t able to take care of a Becca so I let her run around rampant. At least I’m able to stomach Gatorade this evening. I couldn’t this morning. Only time I drink gatorade is when I’m sick, for the electrolytes. Water with a pinch of salt just doesn’t cut it when you’re ill.

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      • So true, Sprite or ginger ale is about all I can drink when I’m sick and just a little at a time. Sounds like Becca had a great time! Hope your feeling better by morning.🙂😺

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      • You sound like my mom. She always gave me ginger ale or sprite when I was sick. This flu lasts about 48 hours so I should be better by Wednesday. I’m more worried about Becca getting sick.

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      • Becca has a fever now too, which is concerning. *sigh* I didn’t know that the sugar is good for us. Quick calories that the body needs for energy I’m guessing?

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  2. You dont call that a sunflower😜🙄🤔hmm, the pink is so bright and bold. Enjoy the beautiful cold day, There is always fun no matter where we are. Have fun Steve✨🤗

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    • Much too small for a sunflower, though it does have a similar look to it. Yep, I will have fun in the sun when cold is done and I can run just for fun.😂😂😹😹🙄Take care Simon!🚲

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