Nature’s Art #7.

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying your Friday and getting ready for a nice relaxing weekend.  Well, maybe not too relaxing since we are getting close to Christmas and that means a lot of extra things to do.  Lots of extra shopping.  Lots of extra baking.  But never lots of extra time.  But hopefully you will have some time to sit back and unwind a bit from all the day’s activities.  While we are doing that, let’s take a look at some more of that art found out in nature…IMG_4413

This seed head is from the yellow goat’s beard flower and is 2 and a half inches (6.5cm) across.  It also stands over 2 feet (60cm) tall.  Those seed heads have amazingly intricate designs in them.IMG_7679

The branches on these dead trees also provide amazing art against that beautiful blue sky background.  Dead trees like this are an important part of a healthy forest ecosystem, providing food and homes to many different insects and birds.

There we have today’s selection for your enjoyment, more will be coming on Monday.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and God bless!

Steve McLeod.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

120 Comments on “Nature’s Art #7.

      • Hmmm….good question. Thought I could just right click and copy images—can’t. My email is a mess and needs fixing. Sigh…😔

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      • I could try sending it through comments. The pic won’t likely show up on your blog, but if you go into your comments it should show up there.😀😺


      • Ooh ok. Thanks! Steve, I am having so much fun with this poem! My husband heard me playing and singing and giggling! 🎼🎹🎺🎤

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      • Hey, sounds great! I tried sending you a pic, try looking in your comments, but not the public comments on your blog, through your stats page.


      • Hi Steve—sorry I’m making more trouble for you…sigh..I’m not very technically savvy…thought it would be easy. Not so.
        No pictures here…They probably went to spam…only I can’t get into my spam at the moment. I guess I will have to draw that picture of the cats and mice! Haha…this is getting more fun and silly. Hope you are having a great evening😻🎺😊❄️

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      • Did you go to your comments on the left hand side of your stats page? Might have gone to spam though due to the picture. Oh well, you have pics of your cat anyway. But drawing would be a fun way to do it too. It’s fun to visualize how things would look.
        Having a good evening, have fun with your fun!😁😸⛄🎄


      • Yeah, I think that’s what happened. My bad. See? This is why I need to start all over again! Set up my email better…
        It is fun to visualize! Like a cartoon, eh? I’ve had some fun experimenting with different instruments and sound effects. Good silly fun. Thank you, Steve. This is a fun project. Just what I needed. Some fun.🙃

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      • Good morning! Yes, it is fun visualizing it in cartoon form, wish I could draw, then I would start illustrating my “fun” poems.😂Always good to have a fun project now and then! I’m sure you will do great with this.
        Have a wonderful Sunday!😁😸😸


  1. Indeed, the design on the yellow goat’s beard seeds are striking ! Lovely to paint ! Some of the stark branches seem to be holding onto the tree beside it ! Amazing !

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