Daily Pics #32.

Happy Friday everyone!  It’s not so cold here this morning and there is some light snow falling.  It does look nice as those snowflakes fall lazily to the ground.  Getting out the shovel to get rid of that snow is not quite so nice.😂Muffin is at her window watching the snow and dreaming of summer.  Her human is also dreaming of summer so he can get out and walk down that forest path again.  And other such paths in this town.  Meanwhile he must concentrate on his recovery which is moving along well and hopefully by mid February things might be back to normal once again.  So, back to some nice bright and cheery pics for today…IMG_5104

Starting off with some nice white astilbe, with some pink astilbe just starting in front of itIMG_4984

And here we have a nice bright red poppy on a warm, sunny, summer day.  I did use this poppy once before but not on my daily pics.  I will have to change to a different subject soon as I am running out of flower pics to show, that is, different kinds of flowers.  I do have the same flowers at different angles and I might show some of them too.  Starting Monday we will have something different to look at for a while.  Unless you would like me to continue with flowers, then just let me know in the comments.

That’s all for now, I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday, God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

25 Comments on “Daily Pics #32.

  1. Pretty stuff! It may not be Summer, but at least I’m headed back home in a little over a week. It should be a lot warmer in south Alabama along the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay! There will be fishing!!! Merry Christmas!!! How’s daddio? Staying out of ditches, I hope! Hahahahaha…

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    • Thanks so much Kevin! Yes, should be quite nice down there, enjoy your fishing! Sorry to say, my dad passed away a few years ago now. Glad you are enjoying those memories shared!! Have a great weekend!😀😺☃🎄

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      • I’m sorry Steve… After I hit send I realized you were the incorrect blogger who tells a lot of funny stories about his dad too. My bad, brother! My dad is gone as well, but I know I’ll be fishing with him in Heaven some day….

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