Spoken Word with Steve, Muffin and Mr Cat.

Hello everyone on this sunny and very cold day here at Steve’s Country!  I have something here that’s a little different for today.  It’s a collaboration between my good friend Nina and myself.  Nina took my poem “Cats and Mice” and really made it come alive in her video.  Please do take a look at this, I know you will greatly enjoy it! Just click on the link “view original post” to watch the video.

Growing Up...

December 17, 2019

Hello! I am delighted to present another Spoken Word, this time with Steve and Muffin from Steve’s Country. A great place to relax and laugh with friends and cup of coffee! Check out Steve’s beautiful nature photography…and more.

“Cats and Mice…a fun poem” is a charming tale of two internet cat buddies, Muffin and Mr. Cat; and mice who are throwing a party.

Thank you, Steve for your kindness, friendship and fun blog! Mr. Cat purrs his appreciation.😻




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8 Comments on “Spoken Word with Steve, Muffin and Mr Cat.

      • Well, if ever you would like to do something again about mice or spiders (hahaha!) I would love it. 💓 Yeah, I have to write on paper too…first I have to listen to what my brain tells me…

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      • I really should write a new spider poem, though right now it’s the mice that are active. Muffin likes that. Not me.😂😹🙄


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