Daily Pics #36.

Hello everyone on another cold morning up here in the north.  But this is the land of cold and snow.  Except this year we are kind of lacking the snow.  There is probably about 6 inches (15cm) on the ground now.  Normally there would be more.  However, it can change suddenly too and there is still a lot of winter left yet.  Muffin doesn’t like to hear that.  Muffin is attracting a lot of attention lately, another male caller this afternoon.  This one is pure black and about the same size as Muffin.  Not friendly though, he ran when I went outside.  He shouldn’t be running around out there when it’s so cold.  Didn’t seem to bother him though.  Back to something nice and warm, like these pics…IMG_3960

Starting with this beautiful tiger swallowtail butterfly on some lilacs.IMG_5725

And then this tiger lily providing some sweet nectar to this little female ruby throated hummingbird.

There we have today’s picks of pics, I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

71 Comments on “Daily Pics #36.

    • Personally I would rather have warm weather and palm trees!😂🌴
      This snow also comes with -34C this morning.🥶🙀
      Thanks so much Ribana!! I hope you have a wonderful evening!😁😺⛄🎄

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  1. I’ve in Southern Ontario now and there’s a lot of snow here too. I’m very ill and can barely get out of bed. I’ve been sick for over a week now. Last year, I was sick too. I’m supposed to be getting ready for Christmas…. It’s hard for me to focus on your photos or read your blog post. I’m trying, but my brain is foggy. 😷

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    • Good morning Hilary, so sorry to hear you are still sick.😕 I hope you get better soon, terrible time of year to deal with sickness when there is so much going on.
      That’s okay, I understand that, don’t push yourself. Concentrate on getting better, try some mint tea if you can get it. And hopefully you can still enjoy your day a little.😁😸⛄🎄

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      • It definitely makes it challenging trying to get ready for a Christmas. This sickness is awful and very similar to what I had last year. I don’t think my mom has any mint tea but I’ve been drinking a lot of hot chocolate. Anything hot is soothing on the throat.

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      • Nothing wrong with hot chocolate, that’s for sure. Yes, anything hot on the throat feels good. I sure hope it goes away quickly so you can enjoy Christmas with your family. Try to get a good night’s rest if you can.🙂😴

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      • Just in case you’re wondering why you haven’t seen any comments from me in a while, this is why. I’ve been sick for several days now and it hasn’t gotten better yet. At this rate, I don’t think I will be making sugar cookies this year. Hopefully they understand that I’m too sick to do anything. I’m hoping that I will feel well enough for the Saturday morning Farmer’s market but right now, I’m just resting and trying not to pass out.

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      • I figured you must still be sick, sorry to hear that though. Terrible thing to be sick after traveling all that way. I’m sure they will understand, best thing to do is rest as much as you can right now. This will be only the second time in my life not having my favorite Christmas cookies (not counting when I was a baby). Oddly, although they are a family favorite, I’m the only one who knows how to make them. Muffin likes them too. But with only the 2 of us I guess we will survive without cookies this year. Hope you get better real soon Hilary, that’s been a long time.🙂😺🎄

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      • That’s interesting because my mom and I are the only ones who know how to make these sugar cookies. It was passed down in the family over a few generations. I posted a recipe on my blog earlier this year so I would have a digital copy of it. I feel bad if I don’t make them this year, but at the same time, I need to get better. This is a sickness that lingers; I’m now taking Tylenol day/night which helps me sleep at least.

        If I lived closer to where you are I would be interested in coffee and cookies one afternoon. It gets lonely at my parents’ house.

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      • Hi Hilary, sorry for the slow response, I developed some “technical difficulties” last evening, meaning a sudden attack of severe pain, happens sometimes. I was thinking of posting a copy of my cookies too, not sure if I will or not though. Maybe on my next “Coffee with Steve” post.🤔
        Good that you can sleep at night, that helps a lot. Just take it easy and don’t overdo it.
        Yes, that would be fun, but 1800 km is a bit far to go for coffee.😂☕ But I’m always around in the afternoon or evening for virtual coffee and cookies!🙂☕🥮Maybe I should say, most of the time I’m around.
        Milder day so I might be out for a while trying to get some pics of the birds.
        Are your parents not around during the day? Do you have other family that will be coming for Christmas too? Nothing going on here, just Muffin and I.😃😺
        Hope you feel better soon!😁😸⛄🎄

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      • 1800 km from Waterloo ON? That’s where I am these days. I travel between Waterloo and Richmond Hill. 1800 km is really far to travel. And I thought driving 100+ km to Toronto was far.

        It’s just me, my 3 yr old, and my parents these days…. and their pug. Extended family isn’t very close and we rarely see them, even though some of them live down the street. This street is very long and the names change a couple of times. It would take me 1.40 hr to walk to their house one way (I timed it one day). Nobody really talks to one another so inviting myself over would be awkward, even though that family is huge and I’m sure they’re having a lot more fun than I am.

        I’m sorry that you are in pain and I hope you feel better soon. Taking pics really seems to be an enjoyable hobby of yours, and it’s really nice to have something to look forward to. I originally started blogging so I could keep track of my recipes, and some of them I have forgotten already since I didn’t write them down.

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      • Okay, I thought you were in Toronto, it’s actually 1851 km from here to Toronto, then Toronto to Waterloo. Plus there would be some extra km driving around Toronto, so my guess about 2000 km altogether. It’s a big province we have. Too bad it’s so far.😕🚗
        Also too bad your extended family doesn’t keep in touch. I have lots of cousins, some were very close at one time, now I never hear from any of them even though I have tried to maintain contact. But they are all on Facebook and that’s the only way to communicate these days it seems. But I’m just not going that way.🙄
        Yep, sure glad I got started with photography last year, it is very enjoyable.😃📷 It gets me outside more too, especially in winter when I would rather just stay indoors.😀🥶
        Kind of a slow day today, hard to get going at anything. Because it’s so hard doing things right now I tend to put things off too much, then it’s hard to catch up. I should be reading more but I’m really behind in that again too. Sigh.
        Enjoy your evening Hilary!😁😸⛄🎄

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      • My in-laws live near Toronto in the GTA. My parents on the other hand, rarely go to Toronto and prefer life in the country. It’s a 10-15 min drive to reach the closest store so there’s not a lot to do unless you drive everywhere. Yeah, that’s really far in distance. This province is really huge! 🌎

        That’s really sad that your cousins only talk to each other via Facebook. Do they live near you at least? My parents don’t even use Facebook and yet, don’t keep in touch with extended family either. Everyone just does their own thing now. Each year, I feel more and more isolated and lonely. 😔

        I went out yesterday and did a little shopping and this morning as well. My Christmas shopping is pretty much done. I avoid malls at all costs this time of year.

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      • My closest relatives live 2 and a half hours west of here in Winnipeg and a small town north of Wpg, Selkirk. But most of them don’t keep in touch except my sister and one niece and nephew.
        Sorry to hear that you are so lonely down there with your parents. I will be alone this Christmas, except for Muffin of course, but that’s actually normal anyway. Each one in my family has their own family gathering now as families have grown. We couldn’t all get together anyway, too many people for one house.
        I actually had my shopping done and gifts wrapped back in July. I know, I’m terrible. But that’s when I saw my sister and niece so it was the best time to give them their gifts.😁🎄
        Our mall died when Zellers closed, so they tore it down and built a small strip mall in it’s place, not very exciting. Our 2 main stores are Walmart and Canadian Tire.
        Hope you have a good day Hilary!😃😺⛄⛄🎄🎄


  2. Good morning Steve! Wow! These are fantastic shots—really brightens a dreary day. And lilacs are my favorite spring flowers. Teehee all spring flowers are my favorites.
    Your poem is posted. Hope you like it. 🙈🐀🙀🐁😸🙏🏻

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    • I agree, we do need more snow, more importantly for protection though. I used to cross country ski a bit and did a lot of snowshoeing. Do you like to ski Sheree? It is a lot of fun, though I don’t like down hill skiing.😂😲

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      • I learnt to do down hill as a kid but now prefer cross-country (no queues). I’ve done quite a few cross-country marathons in the past but now ski locally, just 45 mins from home.

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      • That’s great, nice to have ski country so close like that. Lots of good cross country skiing areas here. I have never done a marathon, there isn’t any around here.

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  3. Such beautiful pictures Steve ! Amazing you were able to get the one of the hummingbird ! The female blends in well with her surroundings !

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