Nature’s Art #8.

Hi everyone and Happy Monday once again!  Muffin is watching as the first birds are arriving at the feeders.  She doesn’t enjoy that as much as watching chipmunks, but she figures it’s better than watching just snowflakes falling.  She isn’t too impressed with snowflakes for some reason.  I think she knows that snow means no open window, so she just sits and sighs looking out that window.  So the birds do help a bit.  Less sighing.  From both of us.😂😹 But now, some more from our art in nature…IMG_7578

Some of that nice bright orange jelly fungus surrounded by different colorful mosses.IMG_4412

A closer pic of that goat’s beard seed head to see the patterns a little better.  Quite a marvelous pattern really.

That’s it for today’s art in nature, I hope you have enjoyed it, please come again for more interesting art.  I hope you all have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

73 Comments on “Nature’s Art #8.

  1. Less sighing for both of you 😀😻 you two are too cute! 😸
    That jelly fungus’s color is stunning!
    The other one, I used to blow them when I was a kid 😉 so much fun 🤪🤪
    Have a lovely day Steve and Muffin!

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    • Thanks for stopping by Ribana!😃😺
      That jelly fungus almost glows and can be seen a long distance away. It’s one of the more interesting fungus’ that we have here.😀📷
      Yes, I used to blow the dandelion seeds too, unfortunately we never had these big goat’s beards around where we lived, they would have been really fun to blow.😂😜
      Thanks Ribana, guess it’s late for you now, but have a great Tuesday!😁😸⛄🎄

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  2. Ooh I like the jelly fungus—what a color. Ya know, I’m kinda scared to touch one. I wonder what they feel like? Weird I bet…like jelly.🙃

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    • Yes, they really do feel like jelly, I didn’t push too hard on one, but it really did feel like that. A very unique kind of fungus. It’s possible to see a long ways off they are so bright. And they can get quite big.😀😺📷


      • Yeah! We see them here in the woods. Just wow. Ok, next time I see one—I’ll touch it!
        I’m almost finished with “Cats and Mice” putting the final touches now…no illustrations…but I did find a very cool website for drawing all kinds of animals and flowers, etc…so you’ve inspired me to actually practice drawing for real again.
        Steve, I have had so much fun with this creation. Thank you so much for your absolutely charming poem. I hope you and Muffin like it. 😻🐁🐀🙀. I hope to post it tomorrow. I’ll let you know.

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      • Good for you! Some here were quite soft, others very firm, maybe that has to do with age.
        Hey, that sounds great! I am eagerly waiting, so is Muffin!😃😺 I am sure it will be just perfect!
        I’m also glad that you enjoyed it so much, always so good to have some fun and smiles!
        Enjoy your day Nina!😁😸


  3. If you use a magnifying glass the goat’s beard seed head just pops ! Such a marvellous work of art ! The colour of the fungus is exquisite !

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  4. I’ve never seen jelly fungus before, what a gorgeous color! The goat’s beard is truly a work of art and a perfect example of nature’s fractals. Stay warm. ☕️☕️⛄️ 🌬 💨🧦 🧤 🧣

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  5. That orange jelly looks good enough to toss straight into my mouth. But I doubt it’s good as it looks. I bet Muffin is thinking about the bird the same way while sighing 😂

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