Daily Pics #35.

Happy Monday everyone!  Well, not so cold here this morning which is so nice after yesterday’s bitterly cold temps.  However, it’s not supposed to warm up much either.  Oh well, still not so bad, and this week we will see a return to more normal December temps for us.  Those cold temps don’t normally hit until after Christmas.  I was all set last night to go out and get some pics of our moon and what happened?  It turned cloudy and started to snow.  Amazing.  I’m trying to get pics of the moon at all different stages of it’s phases.  I have a lot of them during the day, but now I’m trying for all night shots.  A little tough when it’s so cold though.  But I’ll keep trying.  For now some more bright pics, but today they are borrowed ones while I sort out more of mine, I hope you will enjoy them…20190828_194734

I just love the color on these roses.  I used to grow ones just like this a few years ago.20190828_193023

Another beautiful rose, almost on fire.

Thank you for joining me again this morning while we looked at some of my favorite flowers.  Tomorrow I will be back with more of my own, so I hope you will be here to take a look once again.  Meantime, enjoy your Monday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

98 Comments on “Daily Pics #35.

  1. The moon at night is really wonderful 😊 I wake up at 5:30 am usually and I go to the gym and from the window these days I can admire the moon 🌙 Is gorgeous 😊
    Beautiful roses and I guess are the ones that have also a wonderful perfume 😊

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    • Yes, the moon here is very beautiful these days too and I’m hoping to get a pic early tomorrow morning, it should be at half moon by then.😁📷🌙
      Yes, both those roses are wonderfully scented, but especially the top one, absolutely beautiful. I used to grow them and they were my favorite for perfume.😀😺
      Thanks for taking a look Ribana! Have a wonderful day!😁😸

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      • Sweet! I woke up early this morning to fog all around, but clear sky—stars and moon shining brightly. The fog was glowing blue. So pretty.
        I always like to go out in the evening on the day of the first sliver of a smiling waxing moon. And then also on the last day (early in the morning) of the waning moon. Just something I’ve always done.

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      • That would have looked so nice! Yes, I need that first sliver phase too, or last, whichever. Won’t be this time though, by the time the moon is at that stage it will be over the houses and I won’t be able to see it. Maybe from the street I could, if it’s not too cold I might check it out. But it will likely be after midnight before I can see it and I’m sleeping by that time!😂😴


      • Well good luck and watch out for howling wolves! Ok, we are off to the dump with yucky old carpet. See ya next time! Have a great rest of your day.😊💓😊

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  2. The second one is almost on fire indeed! Look at it 😍 Loved it ✨🤗 Take care Steve, Taking pics at night is good but with this temperature, you must be careful. Please take care of leg✨ Have a beautiful day✨👌

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