Moonlight Delight…A Poem.

My good friend Lydia asked me to write a poem for her to use on her blog.  The poem was to be about moonlight.  Now that she has used it on her blog, I would like to share it here as well.  I hope you will enjoy it.

Moonlight Delight

Moonlight truly shines so bright,

Wondrous scene, such a delight.

Under this moon all does shine,

E’en the flowers glow so fine.

Moonlight fills the meadow fast,

In the forest, shadows cast.

Moonlight sits atop the hill,

Spreading light while all is still.

Shining now upon the lake,

Wondrous sight for all awake.

Pearly white from yonder moon,

Mixed with call of distant loon.

That full moon, with beams so bright,

Gives to all a wondrous sight.

Light, so pure, from that large moon,

Sinking low, and gone so soon.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

64 Comments on “Moonlight Delight…A Poem.

  1. Hi Steve, Stuck with a busy weekend again😳🙄 I badly need an off now😒 Thanks to your poems and refreshing flower pictures. Monday again😋 Fresh and lovely,🥰 Somewhere in my mind that thought of taking leave pokes me since mrng.😄 Samn it failed.😂😂 Im in office r8 now.😁 Have a beautiful week ahead Steve✨🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good evening Simon! I hope you’re finally back home by now, relaxing a bit.🤨 It’s okay to relax now and then, really.🤪😜🙄 It’s just getting daylight here, cloudy and a bit milder today,😃 -15C, but it’s supposed to stay that way all day. At least I will be able to stand outside with bare hands and not freeze to death today.🥶😳📷 Maybe I can get some more bird pics. Thanks for stopping by today Simon! I hope you have a great evening and week!😁😸⛄🎄


      • Hi Steve, It was a super busy evening, i totally didn’t expected that 😳 But it was fun riding bike with my love around the city at night. Dead tired, i need to go bed right NOW😁, It’s too late to relax, Only good n8😋 -15C seems little better for you comparing worse days, Enjoy taking pictures and dont get the socks wet😁 And take pic of some lovely birds 🤗 Have a beautiful day ✨🤗

        Liked by 1 person

      • At least it sounds like you had fun anyway.😉 Yes, it’s late for you, get to bed and relax/sleep. Too late, already got wet socks.😳 Sigh. Every day almost.😭Thanks Simon, hopefully I will get some good pics today.😁😸⛄🎄📷

        Liked by 1 person

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