Daily Pics #34.

Hi everyone!  It’s another cold morning here, very cold, -29C (-21F), but feels like -39C (-38F).  But the sun will be shining, still dark right now.  It always feels so nice with the sun shining, even if it is very cold.  This is perfect weather to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee while watching as the birds wake up and start coming to the feeders, all fluffed out and cute.  Though they might feel a bit differently about that last part.  As I gaze out the window waiting for the first bird to arrive, Muffin jumps up, sits in front of me and swishes her tail back and forth across my face.  Thanks.  Oh well, perhaps a better way to start the day is with some beautiful flowers once again…IMG_5175

A nice bright orange daylily following a thundering afternoon shower.IMG_5349

And a different variety of dark orange Asiatic lily on a warm summer day.

There are a large number of lilies and daylilies that grow well in our short summers.  That is a nice thing, they provide a lot of bright color.  Well, I hope everyone has a splendid Sunday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

134 Comments on “Daily Pics #34.

    • Yep, there is lots of them here. My landlord hates them and has been trying for 5 years to kill them, but they keep coming back. The daylilies are from the 1940s apparently. I really enjoy them myself.😁

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  1. Yes, I like the rain drops on the petals as well…we have lots of daylilies, all orange…would like some different colours…

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    • There are so many different colors, two tone, sparkly, big, small, over 70,000 different daylilies alone, plus thousands of lilies. Daylilies are not actually lilies, though they look similar. Would love to have a garden full of them.


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