Daily Pics #39.


Hello everyone on this milder December day.  Hard to believe the difference in the weather and it’s going to keep getting warmer on the weekend and stay nice right through Christmas.  This has been such an unusual winter so far, with temps constantly going up and down.  It is very nice to have these warmer breaks from that bitter cold.  Most of our winter is still ahead of us so it will be interesting to see how the remainder goes.  The end of this year is almost upon us with a new year beginning in less than 2 weeks.  And that means new things happening here at Steve’s Country.  Due to this injury taking longer than I expected to heal, I have had to make changes to some of my plans.  I can’t get out to get very many winter pics as I had hoped to do, especially down by the river which would be quite beautiful this time of year.

But for now, let’s look at today’s pictures…


A beautiful painted lady butterfly sitting on top of a red clover blossom to start things off for us today.IMG_5495

And now a lovely fritillary butterfly sitting on a blue and lavender delphinium.  Such beautiful colors of a warm summer day.  It brings out the daydreaming in me.🌞🌴😂😹

I hope you all have a most fabulous Friday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

18 Comments on “Daily Pics #39.

  1. I hope you get better soon. Without your morning photos, the day will always be cloudy. The two photos are great. The colors of the butterfly are formidable. As always, you make your photos a work of art. Regards.

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  2. Beautiful pictures Steve! Just few more weeks and Steve will be back on road giving us wild and awesome photographs, can’t wait for the day. Enjoy the Weekend ✨💐

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    • I’m looking forward to that day too. Sometimes I wonder if I will get back to normal walking again. Still, I’m determined to try, which is why I’m carefully following “orders” now.😂😹Looks like it will be a beautiful weekend, I hope yours will be as well!😁😸🌞⛄🎄🌴

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      • Yes Steve, me too. You must follow orders in order to safely walk back.😉 it was actually a busy day today and got update that i have to do a lot of travel plans ahead, new year is going to be officially busy for me from Jan 1st. Going to miss my family 😒 Hope it’s not a long stay. I wish i turn back in a week ✨🙄 God’s plan is totally unpredictable 😉 It’s all about career and new learnings. Let’s see. Have a beautiful weekend Steve!

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      • Wow, lots of travel ahead,😃 yes, hopefully you won’t have to be away too long.😕 Going by plane or train? Maybe it will be warmer.🌞😎 Or not.😒Maybe you can have some relaxing time tomorrow.🤪🏖Or not.😯🤷‍♂️Enjoy your day anyway!😃😺⛄🎄


      • It’s going to be a total halt tomorrow. no nothing, even though i have a lot of cleaning to do, i need the rest badly ✨🤪 I’m planning to go on a train, if it’s everything is as planned ahead then I’ll go in plane. Just an hour so it will be Fun, yes warmer too😁 Enjoy your Saturday Steve✨🤗

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      • Good, glad you will finally get to relax a bit. Everyone needs some time to just take it easy for a while.
        Shortest day of the year. 9:30 am, the sun finally peaked over the hill and touched the tops of the trees.🌞 I’m looking forward to summer.😂😂🙄
        Hope you’re able to enjoy your trip.😀🚂✈

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