Nature’s Art #11.

Frost covered pine trees

Hi everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your Monday and that it’s not too much of a mad rush for you with Christmas only 2 days away.  It can get that way sometimes, but hopefully you will be able to find some time to relax and just enjoy yourself a bit today.  Muffin and I are just relaxing.  But then, that’s mostly what we have been doing the last 12 weeks, so no change there.  At least I can play with Muffin more now and she certainly enjoys that.  She was really missing our usual playtime.  So was I.  It’s nice to sit here and enjoy my morning coffee and chat just a bit.

And, of course, share a few more pics of art in nature…


Sometimes simple can be very nice.  A little grouping of small fern leaves, white pine cone, moss, and pine needles caught my attention one day.IMG_8725

This is the base of a white pine tree about 40 inches (1 meter) across.  A small cavity, different kinds of moss and the ever present pine needles make for an interesting scene.

That’s our pick of pics for today’s art in nature.  I hope you have time to slow down a bit and enjoy all the beauty around you.  It’s not even necessary to go outside to find it either.  Have a Happy Monday everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

7 Comments on “Nature’s Art #11.

  1. Sadly, I’m not enjoying my Monday at all. It only takes a few days before I can not tolerate my parents anymore, which was my biggest reason for moving halfway across the country. I don’t get along with them and I’m ready to leave!

    I’m happy that you are enjoying your Monday though. At least somebody is. 😅

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    • I always enjoy most any day, unless maybe when I’m sick. I still enjoy my days even though I still can’t do much. If I can’t enjoy one thing then I just look for something else to enjoy. I know it’s not always that easy. But I figure it’s more fun being happy than sad or whatever else. And Muffin helps a great deal!
      I’m sorry you don’t get along well with your parents. That must be a hard thing. Is your husband there too or was he not able to come? Maybe next year you should stay home, just tell your parents you want to have Christmas just with your family.
      Are you over your sickness now?
      Anytime you want to just talk just give me a shout, I’m around most of the day usually, afternoons for sure. I hope your days gets better for you! If the weather is nice enough maybe you can get out for a walk and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.😁😸⛄🎄


  2. These pics would make good jigsaw puzzles…like I said before, I wish I could draw…my mother- in- law took lessons using oil paints…she was 77 and never did any drawing/ sketching before…and it was good ! Never too late to learn !

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