Nature’s Art #01.

Good morning everyone and welcome back to the art in nature series begun last year.  There will be a slight schedule change, it will now be posted Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  At least I’m going to try it on those days for a while, unless I forget.  That is always a possibility.  And I will be starting to include some winter art as well.  It gets daylight so late these days, even though the days are getting longer now, though at a very slow pace.  But with the thick cloudy skies that daylight does not arrive early.  Even the birds don’t show up until about 8:15 am for the early ones, others don’t show up until 8:30.

However, it’s time for our art in nature pictures…


A puffball mushroom, the exact size of a golf ball.  I thought it was a golf ball until I got closer to it.  Very cool with a nice pattern of grooves on it’s surface, though they don’t show up very well in the pic.IMG_0377

A large toothed aspen leaf standing on edge in the snow.  There was several of them that day.  I thought they looked cool with the veining pattern showing up so nicely too.

And there we have a new start for the new year in our art in nature series.  I hope you all have a nice weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

34 Comments on “Nature’s Art #01.

    • Canada is certainly a big and beautiful country. But I think that every country has it’s beauty. I would love to visit Norway, though I’m quite certain that will not happen.😃😺⛄🌲

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yes is big… I will visit my family over there soon… but first they will visit Norway.
        Wow, it had been so great to meet you if you visit Norway, I could meet on the airport and show you around… but I understand Steve, but never say never…
        I hope you are ok😻

        Liked by 1 person

      • Wow, that would be wonderful for sure Lillian! Yes, I should never say never, who knows, maybe things could work out one day.🙂
        I slipped and fell on ice this morning so I’m in a lot of pain again. The joys of winter.🙄
        Have a great evening Lillian!😁😸⛄🌲

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      • Oh no… I’m so sorry to hear that, you are in my blessings♥️
        Well, the joy of winter, ok.. I hope this winter will be a nice one to us who lives here in the north….
        😻take care.

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  1. Look at the 🍄 mushroom 😍 so good isn’t it. It’s eatable🤔 looks like it is . Beautiful pictures. ✨🤗 Enjoy the Sunday morning ✨😍

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