Nature’s Art…#03.

Good morning and welcome back to another look at art in nature.  And we will continue to look at winter art this time.  Nothing like being cold when it’s cold.  But there is a lot of art around in the winter if we are brave enough to stop for a few minutes to admire it.  But, once again, many people don’t even think of some of these things, just pass right by without a second look.  But the beauty is there if we want to take the time to notice it.  Whether the sun shines, or it’s cloudy, snowing, raining, there is always beauty in nature’s art for us to enjoy.

So, here we go with our nature pics for today…


The seed remnants of some beautiful blue flowers.IMG_1313

And some golden leaves glowing in the winter sunshine.

That’s it for nature’s art for today, I hope you will come back for more on Saturday.  Enjoy your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

33 Comments on “Nature’s Art…#03.

  1. I got steeped tea from Tim Hortons today (Freebie because loyalty card) and walked to Tim’s in a t-shirt and leggings. Idk what I was thinking. I honestly didn’t think it would be THAT cold. Brrrr.

    Now my steeped tea is cold because I got caught up in a project. When your drinks get cold, do you reheat them? I used to microwave the cups which is absolutely horrible. It ruins the taste and probably leaches plastic. It’s better to just pour the drink in a mug, reheat it, and pour it back into the cup. Yeah, I like drinking from takeaway cups even if it means extra mugs to wash. ☕️

    Do you have a Tim’s loyalty card? For every 7 items you buy, you get a free tea/coffee or donut. It makes the most sense to split up purchases to get the most points since they seem to give you one point no matter how much you spend per transaction. I have a physical Tim’s card so I don’t have to accumulate apps on my phone. Companies encourage app hoarding. 😏

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    • A T-shirt??😲 In January??😬 You are still in Canada right?🤔😳😳I would never reheat in one of those cups, in a mug yes for tea. I don’t reheat coffee, just doesn’t taste the same at all. Terrible really. I don’t even reheat my own coffee at home, terrible.😜☕Yep, I have one of those cards too, makes sense with all the coffee I drink over there.😀😀☕ Yep, I have a card too, not an app, have too many apps now. Sorry for being so late. I haven’t been online much today and when I went to answer comments my internet was down again. Happens a lot around here for some reason. Then when it came back on more than half my comments today were gone! So I shut down and came back and everything was back to normal. Sigh. It could only happen to me.🙄🙄I still haven’t answered your email either, sigh,🙄 I’m just falling behind on everything lately. I think I’m trying to do too much and need to cut back a bit.🤔 I’ll be over tomorrow to check your blog, I see you hit a new milestone, congrats! Time for me to sign off for today. Thanks for coming by Hilary, much appreciated!!😃😺⛄🌲

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      • Yes, because Tim’s is a few feet away from my apartment. I didn’t take the ice into consideration so it took forever meandering my way over there. 🤭 As a kid, I used to put those cups in the microwave. It would give a plastic flavor so I stopped doing it. If I make my own coffee/tea I usually don’t reheat it. I reheat drinks I bring home because they don’t stay hot. 🤗☕️ I’m sorry that your internet is unreliable these days. Perhaps it’s a sign to spend more time offline? That’s super frustrating that the comments disappeared. WP can be glitchy sometimes. My published posts sometimes disappear on my dashboard until I re-log into WP, but that only happens on the app….

        Mhm, sometimes when we do too much, nothing gets done. Life seems very counterintuitive at times. As for email, take your time. There’s no hurry to respond to my email. 📩

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      • Hi Hilary, even if it was next door I couldn’t wear a T-shirt in winter, nope, not me, not going to happen!😳😬🥶Actually our internet service is like that year round, some weeks it will go off every day for a short time, sometimes for a whole day, then it will work good for a month.🤔🙄Seems like in 2020 service would be far better. Oh well, part of the joys of technology.
        Having this injury I thought, oh well, it will give me a lot of time to do things. Wrong. I had more time and got less done than normal. Now I’m trying to get myself back on track again. And I’m trying to teach myself to do less as well, when I try to do too much, it just doesn’t work out. Sigh.
        Thanks for the chat Hilary! Hope you’re having a great day!😁😸🌞⛄

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      • To each their own I say! I don’t like the bulkiness of boots, coats, scarves, and mittens. Perhaps a T-shirt was too minimal but I survived. I’m more concerned about slipping on ice than I am about snappy cold temperatures.🙊

        What internet provider are you with? You shouldn’t have to pay for internet service that isn’t even in service. I am sorry that you are dealing with unreliable internet. Still, I would talk to them if I were you to see what can be done about it…..

        We don’t have enough time in a day to get things done and we often overestimate what we are capable of accomplishing. I like to think that I can complete huge lists of tasks in a day when in reality, I am lucky to complete even one or two big tasks. Aim for 3 things a day and stick with that – seriously! And if you can’t accomplish everything, put it on tomorrow’s list. I now have a sticky-note-taped-to-the-wall system like I did several years ago. I am very bad with organization but also a very visual person, so seeing it helps me prioritize my tasks.

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      • I agree, I don’t like all the extra clothes either, but turning into a snowman before I make it out to my mailbox is also no fun. Plus I would get sick too often if I tried to do what you did. My immune system is not good.
        Only Bell around here. And when internet goes down it affects the a large area, not just me. Kenora is divided into 3 areas for internet, sometimes the whole town is down and can be for 2 or 3 hours which is hard on businesses. They complain, but it doesn’t help. The joys of wilderness living. Usually its only for 30 to 60 minutes or less, so I guess it’s helpful to get me away and doing something else for awhile. At least now with a smart phone it’s not so bad, I’m not totally disconnected.
        Normally I’m a well organized type of person, but this last 3 months changed that, which is a bit annoying. But I’ll get back on track again. Thanks for the tips.
        Nice to see you still around, how’s school going?

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      • WOW! I was just looking at a map and you are at the opposite end of the province from where my family lives (Kitchener-Waterloo; Toronto). Who would have thought that Ontario is SO HUGE? You’re much closer to Manitoba than you are to Toronto. I deal with Telus and my parents deal with Rogers. I’ve never dealt with Bell. It could be a location thing especially since you said that the entire area is affected. Makes me wonder why you chose to live there.

        I need to live in a place with civilization. Growing up, I lived on the outskirts of a small town and I didn’t care for it. At least it was close to a bunch of other cities and towns. I personally wouldn’t want to live in an isolated place. I lived in isolated Estevan, SK for 2 years and have experienced that lifestyle as well. At least Internet was fairly reliable in Estevan, but still. 🤷‍♀️

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      • Winnipeg is nice and close, only 2 hours and a bit for good shopping. My family lived there when I was a kid. Then they bought a resort out near Vermilion Bay, an hour east of here. That’s just a tiny town of about 800 people, but a big tourist area. I loved living in the city until we moved out there, then country living hit me, that was it for me. No more city life for this guy.
        But I finally had to come here for work. At the time this was too big for me, so after a bit managed to find a country spot to live but not far from town. But now I’m back in town again.
        I could live in the city again if I had to, but I prefer to just visit once in a while for some shopping. However, if I could move to a warmer location, I would be gone. By warmer, I don’t mean a different spot in Canada, no spot here that is warm enough, except maybe Vancouver/Victoria, but that’s too expensive for me. I have been there too and I wasn’t impressed.
        I need trees, rocks, hills, lakes, which is all we have here. I could never live in a prairie location, would drive me crazy. But if I could move to a land of heat and palm trees, I would be gone so fast!😂😹🌞🌴But that’s just me.


      • P.S. I didn’t answer your question so I will add that the semester started today. It felt strange being in a place where I felt like a foreigner. I didn’t know anyone except one person. The look he had on his face when he saw me in lab today was priceless.

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      • I’m only looking forward to finishing undergrad. No more room to mess this up. No more chances. I seem to work OK under pressure so I’m hoping by the Grace of God I end up finishing school.

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  2. Good Morning Steve, i haven’t had a good sleep ☺️ and tonight it’s gonna be the same 😁 On a road trip to a hills 🐱 Have a beautiful day Steve✨🤗💐

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