Nature’s Art #05.

Red pine against the beautiful blue sky

Hello to all my friends out there around this big world!  I hope everyone is having a great day and that whatever you happen to be doing, that you can take a little time to enjoy the beauty around you.  It’s amazing how much beauty we can find wherever we live, we just need to start looking for the beauty, instead of looking at the negative things around us.  Even if you don’t think there is anything beautiful because you live in a big city or anywhere, just take time to stop and look carefully at your surroundings.  I’m sure you will find much beauty in some amazing places.

And now for today’s art in nature pics…


Above we have the simple beauty of rocks under water.  Various sizes, shapes and colors make for a relaxing picture of beauty.IMG_6636

And then we have the simple beauty of the sun shining through the emerald green leaves of summer.

There we have it, art in nature, with it’s simple beauty for everyone to share in it’s delights.  I hope you all are having a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

15 Comments on “Nature’s Art #05.

  1. The photos are really good steve! And that rock looks good too! My question was that how did you get the picture of the rocks UNDER WATER! Like did you take it above the water or under the water???

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